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13 Comments for “Hunger”

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Marcia,

I loved this write, and admit freely that I too was caught up in the assumption in the story being about a runaway slave, or maybe a child of mixed heritage in a time when such a thing was taboo. Brilliantly and descriptively written, and the details of the cat going for the bread and butter was perfectly handled. Keep writing more good stuff, please!




Oh, you got me! I was thinking runaway slave, lol! Wonderful descriptions and a neat twist at the end. Bravo!


Thanks Riss! You’re in good company cause my hubby thought the same thing about being a runaway slave so I had him fooled too. LOL I appreciate the read & your comments, thanks again!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Marcia

Good, tight write! I guessed it was an animal, but this took nothing away from your post. Well done!

Take care and stay safe,


charles stone


Hmm. Is this a prologue or a snippet from a larger piece? I like the image and I thought the hunger was for something other than food. Write On.

Marcia Yearwood


hmm, food hunger was what I was aiming for. That’s interesting that you understood it to be something else. It is not a snippet at least not at this point. I just love cats (have 4!) and wanted to write something about cats, especially black cats who are usually looked over at the humane society. Except in October when they are sought after for very wicked evil reasons; in fact it is so bad that some shelters will no longer allow any of their black cats to be adopted then. (sorry got on my soap box…LOL)

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