Honoring My Mother

Remember the years

of struggle and defiance,

underneath it all

you and I had a special alliance.


Those teen-age years

might have challenged our love,

but it was you who held me close

with the spirit from above.


Leaving my home

I fled as far as I was able,

across the country and beyond

to forget my family table.


It was never you, my sweet mother,

never you that made me fly.

I know you understood the reasons,

why I had to say good-bye.


I’ve always loved you dearly,

you have always been the one,

who believed I could make a difference,

believed my life had just begun.


Thirty years later

I return to make amends,

to seek what I’ve been missing

in my family and my friends.


Your voice has long been calling me

to come home and share our love,

through the years I have honored you

making peace with the Lord above.


Now a fragile angel

your face is turning white,

fears have taken you over

having long given up the fight.


Your smile still beams

and your eyes still dance,

I’m here with you now

praying there is still a chance


to give you all that you deserve

before you choose to leave this earth.

May together we experience

the path to life and true rebirth.

Author Notes

8 Comments for “Honoring My Mother”

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Becky,

This was a heartfelt piece, and a hard one for me to read. Not that it wasn’t good- just that my mom has been gone for 14 years now, and this post makes me miss her even more.

While I thought you had excellent rhythm and flow in this piece, the second to the last stanza was more difficult to place into the rest of the poem for me. It was good, but didn’t seem to quite meld in. IMHO, of course.

Great poem here- I think you do really well with poetry, and enjoy reading your poems a lot.


Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Becky

Great flow, cadence and message. Very poignant and, if you’ve raised teenagers (2 daughters) very true. It’s amazing how time is able to change viewpoints and opinions towards a parent, nurture love, and watch one accumulate wisdom.

Enjoyed the poem.

Take care and stay safe,


PS: Again, thanks for all your help!


It was liberating to write it. We do acquire some wisdom through the passing years. It is a good thing, eh? LOL Thank you for your kind words.

So glad you are starting to enjoy the new site!


charles stone


Nice. Great tribute to your Mother. Don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I love this piece. Remembers. Nice write.


Thank you very much, Charles. I love my mother dearly, and wrote this for her. Unfortunately, she is too far gone to receive the message. I did try to read it to her, but her mind was darting off to other things. I guess I really wrote it for me. I need to keep the promise.


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