Holidays end

Alas the holidays are done

Back to work and school has come

Children sigh and adults moan

Desolate now we amble and roam

Energy gone as we count down the days

Fun and frivolity left along the way

Games and play still hold centre stage

Happy for now till we turn the page

Instead of a lie-in the alarm must be set

Just on the off chance we try to forget

Keen as mustard we will head into the fray

Lost too soon our time of play

Monday will come despite our protest

Now is the time for relaxing and rest

Off to work and on with the test

Places to go and people to meet

Quick as a wink we hit the street

Returning home another day gone

Still one last task mow the damn lawn

To set off each day as one must

Under duress on this you may trust

Voices sound across the room

Water coolers hearing tales of gloom

X marks the spot on the calendar square

Yearning for the day we sit and stare

Zen gardens we play with to pass the days

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