Holiday Feast




Holiday Feast

charles stone

Thanksgiving day
is coming soon.
That long remembered day of feasts
When nature gives her
blessed boon.
To every man, woman, and child.

To a vegetarian on this holiday
oh my,
It’s remembered as a beast.
Gobble, gobble, gobble flesh,
in all of America.
North, south, west and east

The roast goose, steaming
Like so much piles of sh*t.
With gizzards and puddings
On the plate,
I rather an avocado dip

The sweet potato cobbler,
Made with four cups of sugar
Stuffing from white bread
For me, a tofu patty
Made from cups of bulgur.

The seasoned turkey gobbler,
and all these seasonal delights
Do all the nation keep in store
For this Thanksgiving feast
The healthy eater is full of frights.

Author Notes

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Charles

Really enjoyed the humor (especially the vegetarians (POV) and your descriptions regarding certain thanksgiving customs. Rhyme and imagery were spot on. Enjoyed!

Take care and stay safe,



Great viewpoint, Charles. I never thought how difficult Thanksgiving is for vegetarians. Well-written; great images.

One question: “I rather an avocado dip.” – typo or writer’s prerogative?

Keep up the good writes!



Great view on Thanksgiving, Charles. I never really thought about a vegetarian’s view on the holiday until my son’s new gf. Now, when they come over for dinner I have think of her, as well as she’s vegan.

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