Hell’s Holiday

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I enjoyed the terse verse I hadn’t heard of that description before.
Rather like sitting atop Grandfather’s knee a calm peaceful scene then POW! So much in so little a space was referred, well done. .

reigny dai


Thank you. Terse verse is a phrase I coined to describe my writing. My typical style is to express myself in as few words as possible. Exactly…knees and laps are supposed to be places of comfort, but it doesn’t always work that way. Thanks a lot.

Gregory Shipman


Hi Reigny… This is most interesting. The first line says a lot to me. The first thing I saw was this polar opposite effect of it. Sitting on the lap and having the person asking ‘what do you want’ brings up the image of the wholesome Christmas Santa Claus and yet we’re seeing Satan… and asking for one’s soul means one has accepted a deal and is therefore cursed… will Satan grant that request? Not likely! This is powerful even in its brevity…

By the way ‘Santa’ and ‘Satan’ only requires a shifting of a letter… anyone got an aspirin?


reigny dai


Hello Gregory,

I’ll take “interesting.” Satan and Santa aren’t total opposites. They both keep a naughty list. However, it’s unlikely that Satan gives refunds. Which makes him the wrong entity to ask and God the right one. We make deals all the time and curse ourselves. So, be careful what you ask for and who you ask.

Thanks for your comments.

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