Have You Been Prompted, Lately?

Sometimes our writing flows easily, and at other times we can use a little inspiration to get our muse’s juices flowing. As writers, we use many tactics to inspire ideas and subjects to write about. Unless you are currently in the throws of writing a book, you probably are searching daily for new topics and story ideas. Personally, some of my very best stories have come from writing prompts. For some reason, I do very well when given a prompt or assignment to write about. I wish I were more creative and trusting of myself to come up with wondrous story ideas on my own all the time, but until I am, I will rely on prompts to kick-start my writing progress, and I am grateful for the many prompts that have guided me to some wonderful stories and poems.

Where can you find Quality Writing Prompts?

Right here, on Writer’s Carnival, you have writing prompts at your fingertips. Click on Center Stage on the top header bar and choose Writing Prompts in the drop down menu. There are thirty free prompts listed for a quick writing prompt fix, and information to purchase Writer’s Carnival’s own resource book, “WC Writing Prompts: Kick-Start your Creativity”. These are prompts contributed by members of Writer’s Carnival. Most are quick and fun, but you can take them to any level you want as far as story length and depth. The Weekly Challenge is another great way to take advantage of a quick prompt opportunity, and share with others.

If you are looking for a deeper personal type of prompting, check out “Writing Begins with the Breath: Embodying Your Authentic Voice” by Laraine Herring. If you are into meditation and self-analyzation, this is a great book that combines elements of breathing, body focus exercises, and self-actualization writing prompts. Definitely a different approach to using writing prompts.

I recently participated in an online workshop called “Retreat for the Writer’s Soul” offered by Melanie Steele. We thought about ourselves as writers and were given daily meditations and writing prompts. This workshop did cost me money, but I qualified for a scholarship, which allowed me to experience the retreat for half price! If you subscribe to different writers’ magazines and e-zines you can often find affordable writing retreats and classes offered in your e-mail.

Another way to find writing prompts that meet your interests and needs is to simply google “writing prompts”. You can find unlimited free resources!

Using Writing Prompts

Using writing prompts as story material is such a great way to explore your writing potential. They can also be used as quick exercises to make sure you write every day, something to warm up your creative mind and get you pumped for more important projects. I find that prompts often encourage me to write in different styles and genres that I may be less comfortable with, and have had many rewarding experiences and appreciated the opportunity to write outside my comfort zone.

Discuss and Share Writing Prompt Resources that have Worked for You

Please share with us different writing prompt resources that have worked for you! I am always in need of fresh resources to ignite my writing flow.

A Writing Prompt for You

I will leave you with a writing prompt by Melanie Steele that I used, recently. It gave fruit to a beautiful write about my father, and it might inspire you, as well.

***Find the magic in what’s around you. Focus in on one thing and look closely, deeply, following its energy. Consider its appearance, history, purpose. Also consider the way it affects you and others, and the way it makes you feel. Look at it from different angles, from different perspectives, and open yourself to the magic of it. How is it a miracle? What inspiration does it offer?


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I cam across something I hadn’t heard of a form of poetry called A Cleve. The link I am trying to post isn’t working but I will leave it in hope that it will for you. sigh http://janedoughertywriteswordpress.com/ Jane has a prompt and a link to the origins of a cleve, I have commented and looked and although I hide behind large objects when Haiku or set forms are even hinted at this has me wanting to give it a go. Her site is worth following as she participates in many prompt pages, as well as offers up her own.

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