Growing Colors


Planting a seed
birthed in the soil
a flower grows
to meet the sun
washed in the rain
born into light
tiny green shoots
natures children
God’s creation
tendered nurtured
bursting with color
delicate face
lifted up high
butterfly kiss
bees pollinate
making summer
a lovely place
pick for lovers
a warm embrace

Author Notes

This kind of poetry is called Anacreontic Verse. I wanted to try a different kind of poetry and decided on this one. The flower picture is Original Art by Shirley Reade

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What exactly is this style? What makes it Anacreontic?

Your images are beautiful, Lisa. I love spring planting and the process of watching a garden grow. There is so much beauty, wonder, creation, and vision in the growth of plants and their comparison to humanity. You do a fine job of expressing your vision.

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