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Here are the rules, FAQs and tips for the Group Discussions category…

  1. Respect Each Other – This should really go without saying, but there you have it, and it is our MOST IMPORTANT rule. The Group Discussions are a space for civil conversations geared toward advancing our understanding and knowledge of writing. It is not a place to argue, be combative or name call.  If you fail to follow this rule, you will be banned from further use of the Writer’s Carnival website.
  2. Do Not Share Copyrighted Content – This rule is mainly directed to the ‘Books About Writing’ category, but is a rule we enforce in general, too.  The idea behind this discussion section is to discuss books about writing and whether you found them helpful. You can discuss why you found them helpful and what content is covered in them, but you must not share any screenshots of pages in the books or copy/paste direct information from them.  It isn’t meant to be an area for members to open the contents of those books to the public. Please be respectful of the rights of the authors of those books.
  3. No Swearing or Nudity – We are a public site that underage people can potentially access. Please keep it respectful. We do have a ‘Mature’ category for short stories and poems of that nature, but for the Group Discussions, it is a nudity and swear-free zone. Thank you!
  4. Post Your Own Discussions – Writer’s Carnival adds content to the discussions, but the idea is for community members to use this space to discuss writing-related topics. You must be an upgraded member to post, but you do not need to be an upgraded member to comment on existing posts.
  5. Social Hour – We encourage members of Writer’s Carnival to be social. This helps in a few ways, but mainly it’s to build friendships with other writers. It also provides practice in a much-needed area of a writer’s life, and that is in being able to socialize, in general, with strangers and acquaintances. Why?  Because if you ever decide to self-publish a book, one of the main things you’ll need to be able to do is… you guessed it! Socialize.
  6. WC News – You’ll see this in a few different areas on the site. It is a useful tool in keeping up with what’s happening on Writer’s Carnival in regards to contests, publication opportunities, power hour and more.
  7. Enjoy – Don’t be shy! Use this section of the website to your advantage. It’s a great space to ask questions, share your own knowledge and to learn more about the art of writing.
  8. Tags for Discussions – If you post your own discussion, you need to add the proper tag to have it land in the appropriate area. Here is the list… Blogging Discussion, Books About Writing, Editing Discussion, Genres Discussion, Organizing Tips Discussion, Poetry Discussion, Social Hour, Research Discussion, Writing Supplies Discussion. Another easy way to figure out what tag you need to use is by looking at the URL when you enter that discussion category. For example, the URL for Blogging Discussion is and you’ll notice /tag/blogging-discussion at the end. Which means Blogging Discussion is the tag that lands the posts in that category.

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