I saw you there,

looking for me.

Your eyes wide with excitement,

as if you had something wondrous

to tell me.


I stepped out

from the doorway,

staying in the shadows.

In panic, I scream to you.


“Stay back! Another attack is coming!”


The sky erupted,


with shards of light.

The bomb dropped

as you jumped toward me.


“Mommy! Mommy!”


The explosion

was deafening.

I caught a glimpse

of your precious face


as the heaving ground

split wide open,

and the spray

of boulders and fire

jerked you under.



filled the air.


All is quiet.


You are gone.

Author Notes

7 Comments for “Gone”


Wow, this was quite vivid in its apocolytic-ness. That you made the poem a story complete with love, disaster and grief was quite fun to read.


I’m glad you felt the apocalyptic-ness in the poem/story because that is what I saw as I wrote it! I think it could definitely be a scene in a longer story of some sort. It was one of the first flash fiction pieces I ever wrote. Maybe the first. I fell in love with flash fiction after writing this.

Thank you,


Wow quite an impact here a lot is conveyed in such a short format well done cheers


It was a poem I wrote for a poetry class I was taking, and then a Flash prompt contest came up on WC and I used it for that in a prose format. I think I won first place on it. Can’t remember…lol I was in a sci-fi/fantasy frame of mind, at the time.

Thank you,

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