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Many of you are here because you looked for a writing site that would give you feedback.  You were looking for something more personal than just posting your work and never hearing about it, again.  Writer’s Carnival offers you this service!  In order for this to truly work, everyone needs to Review others, as well as post their own work and wait for feedback.  We help each other, and though you may not feel you have enough knowledge to review someone else, you really do.  You write comments at your level, the level that you are comfortable with.  Just pick out a few things you like and list them.  Then, a couple things you think the writer could work on.  Maybe it’s using too many commas.  Maybe it’s overusing some words that they could take out to make the writing flow better.  Maybe the lay out of the piece confuses you and they could separate paragraphs by double spacing.  Maybe you think it is perfect just the way it is!

Reviewing helps you become a better writer by learning to spot small problems in other people’s work.  By doing this, you will train your eye to see problem areas in your own writing, and become a better self-editor.  Most of all, you give feedback to others who also crave and need responses on their progress as a writer.  We all care about what we write, and appreciate and audience who will refresh us with their comments.

Review four other pieces of writing for every post you publish.

~Writer’s Carnival

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raisa mcclarey francis


he fell down
with pain in his side
his pain was fake
he tried to take away
the power that a woman
can protect themselves
he continued to pressure her
he never loved her
he didn’t even love himself

he just loved the way she loved him
he just loved the way he could never protect her
but he knew the buttons to press
on her

knew that she may never leave her
little did he kno.
she had enough and left him

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