Gentle Breeze of Asbury

Time has passed both me and Asbury by.

No longer are we an active member of society, of culture.

The days of contributing to the growth of a community,

Swept away by a Gentle Breeze of a Cool Atlantic Current.


The endless nights of having you near, caressing me by a fire

Have long been over, sitting alone, memories swirling within.

Lost within your eyes still, glistening as ever, like the Clear Blue Atlantic.

My heart crumbling just as the Casino Pier of Asbury.


Alone, I stroll along the boardwalk; whispers of days gone by are heard.

Ghosts of those who were witnesses to our love, wave as I pass by.

Souvenir Shops, empty, looted by time, serve as a reminder

To a happier period in my life, in the life of Asbury.


Glancing towards the empty lot where the Palace Amusements once sat,

A smile crosses my face as I remember watching the children play,

The innocence that was supplied by their joy, contagious.

Finding a bench to lie down, I close my eyes for the last time.


The Gentle Breeze of Asbury washes over a tired soul…

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reigny dai


Excellent and descriptive. I love that you compare your heart to the pier; it’s a powerful comparison.

Note. Usually, in English spelling and grammar, it’s “toward.” We drop the S.

I love the last line. I know tired souls and understand rest is all they seek. Great writing

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