Gardens Lament

People all over staring at screens
The vista around lost to them all
A garden wasted so it seems
For the chance to gain a pokeball

What does the garden think of this
It has put on its show once more
Where once went lovers sharing a kiss
With pokemon to chase the view now a bore

It’s display has been lost
Does it care it is so
Do we see the cost
A solitary writer now sees the show

An enticement now for a man made craze
Will it triumph once again
When we finish with our pokemon days
This garden again the pride of our domain

Author Notes

While writing some haiku in the park the other day. I wondered what the gardens would thinkof all the people in the garden glued to their phones finding pokemon so I wrote this bit of fun.

3 Comments for “Gardens Lament”

Tim Hillebrant


Perfect description of what the current craze is doing. I think Doug’s idea is right- it will go with the snow. Hopefully.

Well done, Craig!

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