The garden in need  /  A job taken to hand

To dig and to prune  /  To restore it once more

We plant the seed  /  With a lovers hand

Neath a shining moon  /  We wait in store



With shovel and spade  /  To take on the task

Soil removed and taken away  /  Plants prepared with tender care

Where to plant a choice is made  /  To get a result is all we ask

Attention given day by day  /  Perfume and colour our bountiful fare



A garden in bloom  /  The result of our sweat

We look out with pride  /  For all to see

Flowers to enhance every room  /  A scene well met

A joy to come and sit beside  /  A place of joy it is for me

Author Notes

13 Comments for “Gardening”


Yes Anisa that is correct left and right hand sides can be read alone and then as one sentence. Yes I used hand twice a bit of a feaux pah but hey I went with what I was happy with cheers

Anisa Claire


This is an interesting style. Is it meant to be written so you can read it three ways? Left side, right side and together? I thought it was quite good. The one thing I noticed is in the first stanza, you rhymed hand with hand.


My attempt at a cleave poem. I thank Ellen Best for introducing this style of poetry to us all here I hope I have done it justice. The picture is where I sit to look at my garden I will have to take a garden pic I think

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