When seeds of hate have grown and spread
With unkind deeds and words said
In explosion of fire and bloody war
Fear rocks men soul from near and far.

When cries for justice simmer
And anger grips the minds of men.
They transform into devils
Causing hell and bloody mayhem.

When the blood of the innocent
pays the price for hate;
That has blossomed and flourished
at our own gate,
The prayers for peace will not be answered
As hate is loud and must be heard.

Author Notes

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reigny dai


Apt for any time in human history. Sad as it, the kicker is that no one gets riled up or takes action until innocent blood is shed.

Tim Hillebrant


War- on a planet with as many people on it as ours has, conflict is inevitable. It doesn’t have to be solved with violence though. War is a horrible thing, and should only be a last resort.

Good Write here, Claudine!



Powerful message in this poem. Makes me think of all of the shootings that have taken place and the political fight over gun control. So sad the innocent lives that have been lost. 🙁 Well done, Claudine.



A timely poem and one we all should pay attention to. One nit: Line 4 should read – fear rocks men’s souls rather than men soul. Tightening as Rebecca suggested will make a perfect No. 10 poem. Good writing!


Certainly a poem for our times, Claudine. Seems like all we see in the news anymore is hate and fear, at home and overseas. Way to capture the mood!


Very strong message here, Claudine, and one that bends the ear and boils the blood for many of us. I have a few small suggestions for your last stanza to make it read a little stronger, perhaps. I love the last two lines, btw. 🙂

When the blood of the innocent (When blood of the innocent)
pays the price for hate; (pay the price for hate;)
That has blossomed and flourished (That blossoms and flourishes)
at our own gate,
The prayers for peace will not be answered (Prayers for peace will go unanswered)
As hate is loud and must be heard. (Hate is loud and must be heard)

Getting rid of “the’s” and “has” and putting the blossomed and flourished in present tense instead of past tense. Often, little extra words can be gotten rid of and make the statements stronger, I think.

I am truly enjoying the poems you are posting!

Write On!


It is said that the human race is enjoying its most peaceful time on the planet thus far. It certainly doesn’t seem like it with our hawkish leaders spouting war rhetoric at every turn.

Enjoyed this poem, Claudine.

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