Footprints in the sand I see
Footprints with a story for me
Newlyweds perhaps? On a honeymoon
An elderly couple not too old to swoon

These prints are neither of these above
These are ours that show others of our love
We walk this beach at dusk and dawn
This quiet time ours to adorn

What do these prints speak of we
These prints we leave beside the sea
I wonder where will our paths lay
Will they last to see out our play

My foot her foot they lay beside
Lost when the ocean raises the tide
Not lost to me it remains steadfast
From our beginning until our last

Other prints have gone before
To their owners what was instore
Their prints alone like ours for us
Fleeting maybe like seats on a bus

A choice to walk along with another
A choice I shall ensure not to smother
Her footprint next to mine
Makes my spirit shine

With smiles we walk among the few
Who also long to enjoy the view
Yet we see just us two
Lost among this glorious view

Footprints in the sand I see
Footprints with a story for you and me

© 2016, Craig Lincoln. All rights reserved.
The author has granted, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

Author Notes

I profess no affinity for love poems like our Tim H does but here is a go at it . This poem is about myself and my new partner in life after a recent early morning walk along the beach.

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