Foggy Day


I looked across the bay

There was no sun today

Fog and mist a hidden ship

From my coffee cup I’ll sip.


The clouds seem so down to earth

A somber feeling, a lack of mirth.

One careless crow pass by my window

No sunshine no morning glow.


Wait a bit! Three ships I see

Sailing on the ocean free

Honking horns interrupt the peace

This city living is a beast.




Author Notes

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I like the story this poem tells. Great depiction of a foggy day. I imagined someone with a cup of coffee looking out the window of their home.


Tim Hillebrant


From being raised in a quiet-ish town, to living in the city, I can attest to one thing- you’re absolutely right!!

Nicely done, Claudine!!


You set this peaceful scene and the reader feels like they are near the beach, but, alas! You are looking out a window(probably from an apartment) across the bay and interrupted by sounds of the city. Nice job giving us this jolt at the end. It brings us back to reality, sadly.

I moved to the city after having lived most of my life in rural Wisconsin and Minnesota. I wrote a poem you might enjoy about being feeling lost in the city.

I enjoyed your poem, Claudine. 🙂
Write On!


Thank you for reading Rebecca. You got the feelings right. I live near to the bay, and the beach. I look from my apartment window and I have this perfect view. Then I am reminded harshly that this is New York city.


A very descriptive piece here, this morning springs out to me from your words. I like the ships and bay images I picked up an eerie fog sensation, well done cheers.

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