Finding Time

Okay, so we realize it’s sometimes easier said than done, but we wanted touch on the subject. It seems most writers struggle to find enough time in the day to write. But the only way to get better at writing is to write as much as you possibly can. Writers write. That’s what they do, no two ways about it.

Here are some tips to get you reconnected with your writing-self and to help you wade through life to figure out a way to carve out some time to write…

1. Be aware of how you’re spending your time. Are you maybe able to cut out an extra television show? Surf Facebook a little less, perhaps? Really pay attention to what you’re doing and how long you’re doing it for. From there, you’ll be able to evaluate where you can make some positive changes.

2. Look at every moment as an opportune moment, and then go from there. Can use a voice recorder to track some ideas while you’re walking the dog? Then do it. Take your coffee break at work and jot down some ideas. Have a spare moment in the car while you’re waiting for the kids to come out of rehearsals? Type out a quick paragraph and then email it to yourself so you can easily copy and paste it into your work in progress.

3. Don’t become overwhelmed with a list of things you’re not going to have enough time to accomplish. You have a lot of ideas, that’s fantastic, but remember that you don’t have to have them all written out by the end of the year. Writing is a lifetime commitment, and as such, gives you a lot of time to accomplish a lot of different things.

4. Visit an online or face to face community for writers, such as this one, and take the time to be inspired by everyone else who is out there writing. Listen to others struggles and insights, gather encouragement and take the time to talk to others to see how they’re doing. This kind of ‘break’ is not only healthy, it’s helpful and productive.

5. Don’t open the Internet while you’re writing. Do it after you’re finished. If you need to research something, jot it down on a piece of paper. Set a timer if you need to. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get sucked into the online world during your dedicated writing time.  It’s way too easy to lose your footing.

Chime in. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter and if you have some tips on how you find the time to write, share them in the comments below. Writing is very much a personal thing, but the reality is that if it’s important to us, we’ll find the time to make it happen. We’re all busy. We all only get twenty-four hours in a day. It’s up to us to make those hours work the way we want them to.

Write on!

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