Fiber Optic Frailty


We’ve got cream for our skin to block out the sun
Conveyer belt floors so we don’t have to run
Remote control TV’s music and chairs
Pre-prepared dinners frozen in squares

We’ve put men into rockets and sent them to space
If looks get you down you can buy a new face
LED tungsten and fluorescent light
Crude metal braces to fix over bites

We’ve got machines in our window that cool the air
Books that will tell us what not to wear
Buildings that reach to the sky made of glass
A number to call when you run out of gas

We’ve got giant machines that soar through the air
Hardcore chemicals change colour of hair
Nano technology to speed up our life
High powered lasers that cut like a knife

We’ve got lights that turn on when we enter the room
Tubes filled with glass for a thousand times zoom
Microwave ovens that cook all our food
A rainbow of pills that change any mood

We’ve got high speed transport in underground tubes
Saline filled bags to enlargen small boobs
Multi screen viewing for real time news
And secret societies to censor our views

We’ve got gidgets and gadgets and gizmos galore
A strange looking robot that cleans up the floor
Computers that think faster then thought
With a click of a button you can own the whole lot

If we all just sat down, took a minute to think
Pulled out some paper and a pen with real ink
Turn off that fancy new phone you just bought
Soak up the silence and power of thought

Just look around at what’s always been there
The flowers, the leaves, the warm summer air
The neighbor out back singing a tune
Pruning her garden to ensure a full bloom

The world is a crazy and uncertain place
With endless deadlines it’s hard to keep pace
So stop and just take a minute to breath
Its amazing with silence, what can be achieved

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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Travis,

I would call this poem nothing short of epic. I loved it. You are so right- we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our technological trappings, we lose sight of the simple joys of life- and ways of simpler living.
While all those things are nice- and sometimes they can be truly convenient, what have they brought us, really?

There’s a lot to be said for finding and enjoying the simpler things.
Wondering at the moon.
Seeing the stars on a clear night.
Finding a penny on the sidewalk.
Enjoying a fruit or vegetable you’ve grown yourself.
Hiking up a mountain to enjoy the expansive view.
Petting a dog, for no other reason than it’s there.
Watching fish swim.
Making shapes out of the clouds.
Roasting dinner over a campfire.
Catching a fish in a stream.
Reading a favorite book.
Or any one of a number of things.

Truly enjoyable here, sir.
And thanks for the reminder, a simpler life can often be a happier one.



I remember this poem. These last words really reach out to me.

“So stop and just take a minute to breath
Its amazing with silence, what can be achieved”

So true and so satisfying.
Be still. In body and mind. Listen to your breath. Breathe deep, in and out. Wipe away the string of thoughts racing through your mind. Silence. It can be very kind.

Great poem, Travis.
Write On!

Anisa Claire


Hey Travis,

Beautiful poem. It truly is amazing what can be achieved if we allow ourselves some quiet time to think and reflect. Some of the best parts of life are just appreciating the very existence of it. Love this poem. Probably my favourite ever written by you.

Computers that think faster then thought – ‘than’ thought


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