Feather Girl


Junie McJarvis, a sweet little girl,
Didn’t have short hair, or ringlets or curls.
Nor did she have pigtails tied up in a bow.
Instead, she had feathers all lined in neat rows.

Her feathers were purple with sparkles and lace,
and attracted attention all over the place!
And when they weren’t hidden with a hat or a bow,
Up popped the feathers and off Junie would go!

Her classmates would laugh at her, calling her names.
Like ‘big bird’, or ‘blue Jay’, and more of the same.
She held her head high and she’d try not to listen,
refusing to think of the fun she was missing.

Junie wanted a friend more then anything else.
One she could play with and keep for herself.
A friend to fly kites with and play in the sand,
to tell all her secrets while holding her hand.

One day as she walked on the shore all alone,
pretending to talk with some friends on her phone,
She spied a young girl sitting all by herself,
she was crying, she saw, and decided to help.

“Hello,” Junie said, with a smile on her face,
“Are you lost, shall I take you away from this place?”
“Oh, no,” the girl answered, “It’s not that, I swear.”
Then she took off her hat and showed Junie her hair.

Junie gasped with delight when she looked at the girl,
for her hair was a mixture of feathers and curls!
Long feathers that curled in a wild pinkish mop,
Junie wasn’t the only one different on top!

Junie took off her hat and showed off her feathers,
they both started dancing and laughing together.
They shared all their secrets, and played in the sand,
and happily, time to go home, they held hands.

Differences shouldn’t keep people apart.
We should learn to accept them with all of our hearts.
Everyone’s special, with nothing to hide.
Just humans with hearts beating fiercely inside.

Author Notes

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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Lisa,

Great piece, great message. For some reason, as I was reading this, I found I was doing so to the rhythm of “T’was the Night Before Christmas.” I loved the cadence and flow as much as the message within.
Your story within this poem reminds me of my daughter, Sandy. She’s gone through a lot of her life wishing more than anything else for just one friend. She has one now, several, and she treasures them all. Some have 4 legs, some 2, but all of them she seems especially thankful for. Maybe that’s the blessing in wanting a friend so bad, like Junie. You’re more likely to treasure the friend you get when you realize what a blessing they are.

Nicely done!

Lisa Doesburg


Tim, I wrote this for my own daughter who wished for exactly the same thing. She has that one life time friend, now and treasures her. It warms my heart to see her happy….


Such an innocent way to point out the glaring truth of “being different” in our society. Whether it be how we look or think. I love this poem and the message, Lisa. I was so happy she found a friend, but a bit saddened that the girl was just like her. It makes me so disappointed in humanity, sometimes.

Great writing!
Write On!

Lisa Doesburg


Ya know, Becky, you have a point, there. it doesn’t make sense If I’m writing about being different if the other girl is the same! Excellent insight! I think I’m going to rewrite the last stanza! Thank you!



Love this! Great spark of originality, and a beautiful message as well! I can see this in a children’s book (illustrated, too!) I definitely recommend sending it out somewhere…


Lisa Doesburg


Thank you so much, Dave! As a writer, these are the magic words we all want to hear…thanks for making my day!

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