Fading Past

Memories of the past
Just shadows on a screen
The nameless unremembered
Lost faces that I’ve seen
All of it is fading
A life becomes a blur
Things done are forgotten
As if to not occur
What’s one person to do
Preserve in a picture
Generations would pass
Memory now a fixture

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, John

Enjoyed! Memories do fade as one ages, but those of significance do not.

Take care and stay safe,



It may seem like the memories are gone forever without a thought or care from anyone in the present, but those memories can still shine strong in the ones who participated in its passing. A life is a life, well-lived in the center of our own minds. All of this is important, but the photos only barely touch the glimpse of the moment when it occurred. The poem flowed well and the sentiment is powerful.

Write On!


Hi John I really enjoyed the poem, but when I read aloud this part jarred a bit, ‘Things done are forgotten As if to not occur’ ( I swapped it to ‘not to occur’ and thought it sat better) only another’s opinion, keep writing I’m liking your contribution a lot. 😇

charles stone


Like Riss, I like the music to this piece. And a good touch to the sentiments of memories. Not too heavy nor sappy. Rock on.

Tim Hillebrant


Hi John,

A perfect description of why people keep momentoes of things- they have meaning of those things we want to keep close to us, even in memory.

Well done!

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