Facing Aging




What is gracefully growing old?

Does this means fitting the mold

Standing aside to watch others play

Or killing my voice to end my say

Is it dressing gaudy or glam

Or is it doing as less as I can?

Sitting by the window and stare

Refusing to come out and share

Does it mean acting my age

shunning the center stage.

Joining a good book congregration

For prayer and salvation.

Shall I pen my will,

lay down and keep still?

Author Notes

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reigny dai


I like this. Fitting into molds are what foods do, not people, at least not me. The general attitude in America toward aging and/or senior citizens disgusts and disappoints.

“Or is it doing as less as I can?” Maybe: or doing as little as I can. Maybe: or doing the least I can.

“Joining a good book congregration,” I took good book as meaning the Bible and joining a church. In that case, I’d hyphenate it to good-book, because it’s a compound phrase describing the word congregation.

“Lay down and keep still.” Oh that lie/lay conundrum gets us all at some point. Lay though, means to place an object down. People lie down, but lay down items. So lie is a better choice. I remember the difference by saying “lay” and “place.” I know that I place things down, so if I’m not placing something down, I use lie.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner, whatever her age.

This is a timeless work. Millions of people can relate. Thank you for sharing.

Carol Moore


Good questions I don’t have those kind of questions I just see getting old as a new adventure with less dumb moves. Well done Claudine 🙂

Anisa Claire


Great poem, Claudine. Definitely gets you thinking. This actually could be for as we age, but even just an ‘in the moment’ thought or who we are as people.



Damn, girl! Whatever we do as we experience this glorious time of aging, let us NOT “lay down and keep still”!!! Our voice can still be heard. Our songs can still be sung! We may not be so flamboyant about it as in our youth, but experience brings wisdom. Shutting down brings on death. Who needs to be graceful, anyway? LOL


Well done, Claudine! Are we supposed to stay quiet and get out of the way, and go die off in a corner somewhere so we won’t be an inconvenience? Not in my plans.

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Claudine

Being one year shy of seventy, I can readily identify with the choices and opportunities one is presented with during their ‘The Golden Years.’

Well done.

Take care and stay safe,



Very nice. I like the way you ask the questions about aging? Like you’re saying we shouldn’t fit the mold or sit back and stop participating in life. Well done.

charles stone


The older one becomes, the wiser she/he becomes. We realize aging is an attitude not a biological happening. Do you thing.

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