Dumb Zombies

The setting
Rome 46BC

Opening scene
The Colosseum 2.30pm Afternoon matinee speeches

Marc Antony’s dressing room
Aurealias “Just relax”
Marc Antony “What if they don’t like me”
Aurealias “Don’t worry you’ll kill them”

At the podium
“Zombies, zombies zombies,lend me your ears”
The crowd goes wild and roars with excitement
The air is filled with the sound of movement
Silence then descends the crowd stare in awe

Following scene ten minutes later
Rome memorial hospital emergency department
Zombie Doc ‘What have we got”
Zombie medic “Strangest thing I ever saw Doc crushed by ten thousand ears
Dumbest Zombie crowd ever”

Author Notes

This piece was from one of our challenges from a past power hour this one asked to write a scene about anything I chose a zombie movie based in ancient Rome.

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Craig

I had reviewed the post a few days ago, but for some reason it didn’t go through.

Loved the humor and even more the historical setting. Brought a smile to my face. Enjoyed.

Take care and stay safe,


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