Dropping in for a Visit


Great Power Hour, awesome theme.  Thanks Tim!

Sorry I haven’t participated on this site lately. There’s been too much other stuff to get done, but I’m making progress. Maybe I’ll become a regular again one of these months.

I’m pleased to report the backyard has hosted several successful nests: three or four nests of bluebirds, at least two of phoebes, and one of lesser goldfinches. (Also a continuous production of black-throat sparrows, and nuthatches.) Today I spotted a downy woodpecker, Nuthall’s woodpecker, and heard from the colony of acorn woodpeckers and a belted kingfisher. And my front lawn is now home to about a thousand baby oaks. ( I’m not going to keep them all.) The toyon berries I scattered never sprouted, though. I guess the birds got to them first. Next time the berries get planted in pots and kept inside until they are sprouts with leaves.

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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Deanne,

Glad you enjoyed the Power Hour, and good to have you stop in! Your writing has always been an enjoyable read. 🙂

I just got into birding too, as a way to give me something to do when out walking/hiking around. This year, I’ve had great luck, having seen Mountain Bluebirds, Stellar’s Jays, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Swainson’s and Red Tailed Hawks, Black Capped chickadees, Tree Swallows, Robins galore, as well as numerous quail, gulls, geese, Redwing Blackbirds and Yellow Headed blackbirds. We also had a European Starling take up residence inside our house! It was great fun to watch.

I hope all is well, and look forward to seeing you back around.



Hi Tim. Those hikes sound great, so many different species!

I’m trying to keep track of the different varieties I see/hear while doing yard work. It’s changing the way my yards look. For instance, I let some dandelions go to seed (Yeah, I know. That doesn’t earn me points with the neighbors.) But after awhile I spotted a lesser goldfinch feasting on dandelion seeds. I hadn’t noticed goldfinch here since a flock blitzed through over a year ago, in a hurry to get somewhere else. That one little bird was out there every morning in the dandelions. After a couple of weeks, a female showed up, and they were both in the dandelions every day. I let a large patch of grass grow tall and go to seed. The finch pair started showing up there. A few weeks ago five goldfinches lit on the chain-link fence near where I was working — proud papa and mama showing off their fledglings. Now every time I’m outside, I see a few finches gleaning seeds from grasses, dandelions, and cattails.

OK, so fire season is here now. Super tall grass near the house is not a good idea, but if I scythe it down, I have a pile of drying hay I have to dispose of, and bird food gets thrown out with it. What to do? My dog gave me a solution. Tall grass can be trammeled down to make a nice cool nest with no prickly burr clover. It stays green, the seeds keep ripening, and the grass protects the ground from heat. But it isn’t tall anymore. So I set aside the scythe and did my own trammeling (slowly — it’s tree frog territory.) Quiet, quick, water-conserving — I like having folded lawn.

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