Dragon Heart

He saw her world

through tempered glass,

universes traveling

in present and past.


A human form

did bedazzle his sight,

fire-breathing lungs

fell in love one starless night.


Save for her

shining like the sun,

his dragon heart

fearlessly won.


To reach her world

his only prize,

heaven or hell

would be his demise.


Crashing through planets,

asteroids and stars,

his nostrils flared,

scraping scales and scars.


Flashes of blue, green,

electric light!

Breaking through atmosphere,

an explosive sight.


Shards of pain,

eyes that wept,

massive strength

meets massive death.


He fell to earth

not far from her feet,

fear and loathing

her eyes did speak.


His crushed body broken

breathing one final sigh,

his eyes did behold

true love and good-bye.

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