Donkey and The Two Rubber Ducks


There’s a legend ’round here
That’s meant to spread fear
It tells of a stubborn old ass
He wanders these parts
He grunts and he farts
He offends with odour and sass

Wasn’t always this way
‘Least that’s what they say
Lost his eye in a battle of wits
Now back in his stride
Rubber ducks at his side
Who are known as the ass’s two twits

They’ll do something cruel
Like pee in your pool
Or eat all your clothes hung to dry
They’ll come in while you sleep
And spray paint the sheep
So random you’ll never know why

If you see them it’s best
You hide like the rest
And hope that this trio roles on
Cause once you’re the mark
They’ll hone in like a shark
And you’re left to pray till they’re gone

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Tim Hillebrant


Hey Travis!

I read this, and I just busted up laughing out loud. Now my daughter and my dogs think there’s something horribly wrong with me. They’ll live. 😀

Loved the poem.


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