Do You Fear Rejection?


What keeps you from writing the story that’s been tumbling in your head forever? What keeps you from posting here? What keeps you from pressing that dreaded submit button on a contest or a submissions call?

Call it nervousness, apprehension or straight-up fear. Name it, claim it, and then conquer it.

Are you afraid of failing in a public forum? Is your inner-critic getting too much air-time in the noisy-noise of your brain-bucket?

For me, I feel like I’m faking it every time I write. Maybe I am. Maybe someone will call me out on it and say I’m a terrible writer. It’ll probably happen. It already has. Feedback is feedback. Whether here or in a review, it’s the only way I’ll improve. If writing was easy, we’d all be rich. The pursuit of honing my craft urges me forward.

Doesn’t mean I don’t write. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying. So, what’s holding you back?

Many contests go up at Writer’s Carnival every month, some of them with cash prizes and some with publication at cool e-zines.

We have the super duper Wednesday Weekly short snapper challenges and soon we’ll have the weekly Sideshow Challenge to get your juices flowing.

And then we have Reader’s Carnival. All you have to do is submit. And it pays coin.

Jeepers, what’s wrong with you? Nothing. Take a goodsome length of duct tape and muzzle that Negative Ned or Nancy that whispers that you’re not good enough. You are.

Do it. Do it now. Click submit.

Written by Writer’s Carnival Team Member

Doug Langille

me256x256Causing a ruckus as a member of the IT leadership team at the Nova Scotia Community College since 1999, Doug is one of the primary technology architects for the college’s IT platform, managing teams responsible for many key systems. He is a husband, father and shameless technophile living the good life in Nova Scotia. He’s also a grandfather, bird keeper, dog owner and cat butler.

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Success scares me. Fear is, well, another name for a cat. With writing, fear of rejection is not an issue for me, because I’m good. I also understand that everything is not for everybody–that’s true for everything in life. Someone’s gonna dislike your hair, your potato salad, the religion you practice or that you don’t practice religion at all, how you raise your kids, etc.

I expect some people not to like my work. I know some people won’t like it. I don’t like some of my stuff, but I keep writing. My audience will find me, even then, not every one of them will like every piece I publish. (Someone’s bound to dislike this response),

Success, once you attain it, (whatever your definition of it is) everything you do after is compared to it, by yourself and the world. Michael Jackson’s Thriller became the measure of success to which he was (and forever will be) held. No matter how many other albums sold millions and millions of copies, if they sold even one copy less, not one million copies less, but one copy, they weren’t successful.
People in all kinds of industries spend their lives never being as good as “that one big thing.”

Do you tell your kids not to try out for football, the debate team, the drama club, or track and field because they might not get picked? Live like you want your kids or nieces and nephews to live. If you have none, ask yourself what life you want to look back on, the life where you tried or the life where you didn’t.

Please, understand, these are my views about fear as it relates only to me and only my writing.



I do fear rejection, I do fear the unknown, and I do fear my own self doubt. I will admit, putting my fears out like this feels a little better then not saying anything at all. I’m not sure that encouragement helps me. When encouraging myself is something I don’t believe in. I would say I’m definitely giving too much time to my inner critic.

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