Destiny Activated


On my twenty-eighth birthday, I awoke with no plans in mind. After lazing around a while, it was evident the remainder of the day would be spent surfing the net and reading some of the many books that clutter my shelves. Two cups of coffee into the glorious morning a notification popped in my email, reading: Your destiny has arrived. That was odd. Considering my life was fulfilled … a boring job, T.V. filled evenings, and a herd of domesticated animals. What more could one want in their life, I wondered.

Ignoring the message, I continued hanging with the couch. We were close, like spaghetti and meatballs. The day trickled forth, and merrily, so did I. The dogs gave ever-so-subtle hints of wanting something. Fluke held his leash in mouth, whining, and Okie incessantly scratched at the door. Nothing really obvious, but the signs were there. I clipped the leashes around their tiny Chihuahua-Pomeranian necks.

In the park they clumsily tripped over each other trying to gain possession of Ball-Ball, the ball. My phone vibrated with a text message: The time is upon you. Stay strong or forever lose your way. Totally weirded out, I rounded up the dogs and headed for home.

The rickety slider rolled across its tracks as I pulled the patio door open. The dogs ran in, and looking up, I noticed three figures dressed in black were standing in my living room. One was holding my precious little mutts.

“You failed to fulfill your destiny. We are here to assassinate all future dreams you hold,” said the first figure, with a deep growling voice.

Destiny, destiny, destiny … the words rang in my mind. Destiny activated.

Shooting up, fast as a mongoose, I slid the sword from deep-voice-figure’s side-sash. Then, as he reached to grab me, I slit his throat. He crashed to the ground. Next, the doggy assassin dropped my pooches. Both assassins charged forward, drawing their blades. Kneeling down, I thrust my sword forward, landing a direct gut shot on the second attacker. Blood spewed everywhere. From the shadows, Fluke and Okie launched forward, tearing into the third man’s ankle. He screeched in pain, and I took this opportunity to drag my sword across his throat.

In front of me lay three dead assassins. A voice echoed through the room, “You have fulfilled your destiny. You will now seek and destroy the rest of the deadly group known as ‘Dream Killers’. Bring the people’s dreams back to them.” With that, the voice silenced.

Suddenly, it all made sense. When asked the age old question, “What will you be when you grow up?” my answer was always, “a ninja assassin or a truck driver.” I had simply forgotten my childhood aspirations. Mundane adult-ism tirelessly crept in over the years, destroying all evidence of my childhood dreams. To think, all this time I’d been a Ninja Assassin and I didn’t even know it.

My life is now dedicated to assassinating the Dream Killer’s clan, saving the world one victim at a time.

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reigny dai


“A ninja assassin or a truck driver.” That’s freaking hilarious and sounds just like something a kid would say. The moral of this is wonderful. Keep killing those dream killers!


Anisa I like your story, I laughed as the dogs were trying to tell you they wanted out, and tripping over each other. You made them come alive for me. A couple of thoughts…
If on your twenty eighth birthday you had the day off from being a lorry/ truck driver it would have nailed your later childhood recall. The first and third ninja’s both had their throats cut, you could have used three different methods of death, you are after all a Ninja Assassin. Fun story I enjoyed it a lot.

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