Desire is a mystical realm

an illusive dream

that captivates our flesh

and confuses our mind


It drives us mad with lust

challenges our sanity and our trust

is often short-lived

shattering our lives

reducing our treasures to dust


Desire motivates us

to succeed and search for more

Causes us to seek

things we never knew before

the unreachable dream

the fantasies that haunt

our very core


Desire… she is a flame

that ever burns

a burning ember

whose light returns

to dance and sing

and with it brings

good and evil things


Desire’s face…

one side is beautiful

the other disgrace

Heated energy

an endless chase

of hopeful yearning

and selfish embrace


Desire inspires a greedy soul

Hungers for power and control

The taste of pomegranates

the smell of erotic oils

Desire forgets

the ground she spoils


Sweet Desire

a human need

to have and want

to spread our seed

to make our mark

on all the world

to unleash our darkest thoughts

and our brightest goals


What is Desire?

What does she want?

Why must she consume

our very being

our deepest rooms?

Just around the corner

Desire looms

Like an ugly buzzard

she will take us to our tomb…


Unless we can harness

the energy she unveils

and use her sweet light

to enhance love that prevails




Author Notes

10 Comments for “Desire”


What an insightful piece you have produced quite an emotional response here I especially love these lines
“an endless chase

of hopeful yearning

and selfish embrace”
very well done Beck cheers

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