Declaration of Illumination

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Reigny

There is some validity in what you say. It is true for certain people and not for others. There are actions and situations where unconditional love is sorely tested (cheating on a spouse comes to mind, refusing to seek help for addiction) or actions (murder, rape, pedophilia) that often destroys love. I’ve been married forty-nine years and have experienced how unconditional love helped us on our way to celebrate fifty-years of marriage this coming March.

Take care and stay safe,


reigny dai


Good morning, Raymond

Much of life is relative. One person’s experience will differ from another’s. So, I agree with you. That’s why there is some validity to this piece and not indisputable facts. We want unconditional love, fairy tales, and freedom, and the situations you listed test them. I love marriages likes yours and friendships that span decades. Relationships stood better chances of surviving for fifty years, fifty years ago. Today, long-term means six months, if that. People get married for all the wrong reasons and when married, do all the wrong things. God bless you and your spouse. Happy early anniversary.

Thanks so much for commenting.


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