Crafting Novels & Short Stories

Crafting Novels & Short Stories

from the Editors of Writer’s Digest

As with most things that come from Writer’s Digest, this book is an excellent resource for writers. It isn’t a quick guide, though. You’ll definitely want to commit some time to going through it thoroughly.  In fact, I would treat this one more like a textbook (though it isn’t dry like a textbook).  Grab some highlighters, sticky notes and a notepad so you can really study it.

Crafting Novels & Short Stories covers everything from character development to description and word choice. What I found fun, too, were the little challenges sprinkled throughout. It helps to be able to put some of the lessons into practice.

Have you used this books? Thinking about buying it? Let us know what you think or if you have any questions! We can’t share direct information or pictures of pages, as that would infringe on the author’s rights and that’s definitely not something we want to do as writers, ourselves. But we can talk about what we think about it and what content is covered throughout. Looking forward to your comments!

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