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Karen Holt


Hi Reigny, putting your work out there is a risky business. The only saving grace these days is that if you use a laptop to compose your work, you can prove that your work predates someone’s who has plagiarised your copy. It would still be costly to go through the courts in that scenario though.

This is good advice for all of us. Thank you!

reigny dai


HI Karen,
You’re right, it is risky. One way I approach that risk is by not posting my best pieces. While I don’t want any of my work stolen, better to have it be a piece I don’t hold in the highest esteem than something I absolutely love. That way, others sample my work, and I get feedback, but suffer no serious loss in the case of theft. Yes, electronic devices are great time-snapping machines. A court battle would be costly, but I suspect the wrong doer would bow out before taking it that far. Don’t forget, you can mail a work to yourself as a way of proving copyright.

You’re most welcome!

reigny dai


Good afternoon, Raymond

Thank you! Protection of intellectual property is imperative.
I’m glad you did.

I shall. You do the same.


Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Reigny

Apparently my initial review didn’t register.

Great piece! 101 for self-publishing. A lot of pertinent information for those who choose to follow this path. Enjoyed.

Take care and stay safe,


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