todd dogs

Three backs I spy ahead of me,

three backs beside a peaceful sea,

waves curling near their naked feet,

a scene far from the city street.


They walk along this sandy shore

on a chilly winter morn,

washed with seawind are these three

close companions, it is plain to see.


A beach with room for all to roam,

yet only three, they breathe the foam,

invisibly bound, content this way,

to celebrate, enjoy the day.


These, my family, side by side:

not left behind,  I watch with pride.

No speech between them do they need,

silence shared,confirms their creed.


Their footsteps raw, lie in the sand,

eight paws, two feet, left where they land.

Two search one’s eyes – as they do

one looks down on the other two.


To watch, a privilege for me –

knitted friendship by the sea,

a windswept bond seen by a few,

a special bond I’m proud to view

Author Notes

4 Comments for “Companions”

The poem was written from the picture taken by my sister in law as she watched her "family" walking ahead

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