Three backs I spy ahead of me

three backs beside a peaceful sea.

Salt water plays upon their feet

a scene not played on a city street.

They walk along this sandy shore

on a chilly winter morn

companions these three

it is plain to see.

A beach with room for all to roam

together they walk among the foam.

Invisibly bound content this way

invisibly bound this is their way.

My family these three side by side

not left behind I watch with pride.

Together no sounds do they need

bonded with silence as their creed.

Footsteps left behind in the sand

eight paws two feet reside where they land.

Two look up to the one as they do

the one looks down upon the two.

To watch them a privilege for me.

This special moment spent by the sea

a bond only known by a few

a bond I am proud to view

Author Notes

In honour of my lost brother RIP Todd

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