How I yearn to be understood!
Does anybody try? Comprehension, compassion
A dawning of the light, A meeting of the minds
A longing to hear and be heard
Should be a courtesy, this communication
There’s a give and take: You speak, I speak
But do you even listen? Or wait impatiently for me to finish
It’s so frustrating, so sad, almost drives me mad
To feel so misunderstood; feel that remorse?
Round and round, over and over, bitterness and stinging words
Where’s my vocabulary? Can I think on my feet?
When I’m not understood; I repeat
If that doesn’t work, I repeat again
I somehow imagine I must have misspoke
Is your hearing clear? Does your brain work?
Why can’t I make you understand? How I feel…

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reigny dai


Everyone wants to be heard; no one wants to listen. It frustrates and annoys. We all can relate.

“Is your hearing clear? Does your brain work?” Legitimate questions and ones many ask, even if silently to themselves.

Nice work

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Marcia

Excellent post on showing the frustration and self doubts of an individual despite her best efforts, is not extended the common courtesy of one who does not extend or provide time and effort to listen, to recognize not only what is being said, but also being treated as an individual. Well done.

Take care and stay safe,



Thanks for your understanding comments; it’s so nice to be understood! I wrote this in frustration but then sent it to the individual who upset me hoping it would open eyes of understanding. I think it may have helped some at least.

Anisa Claire


Great poem, Marcia. It is difficult, especially in the online world, to really feel like you’re being heard. Are people just skimming what you write and say in social media? Or are they genuinely interested? I always try my best to show people that I really am listening because I want them to do the same for me. Well done!



Thanks Anisa! It is difficult to be heard and writers especially (I learned from Riss) want to be understood. I know it is imperative for me! I once did a study called the Keys to Communication and from it I wondered how in the world ANYONE communicated. According to the study, there are 6 different ways (don’t remember them all): what you think you said, what they think you said, what you think they thought you said, what was actually said, and two others. Is it any wonder we are misunderstood?


Such a simple thing communication but don’t we get it horribly wrong well done cheers


We sure do Craig! All of us are guilty of it, I know I am. Miscommunication proceeds many issues; wars are started, marriages dissolved, and children hurt, just to name a few. I feel misunderstood by my family so many times; so that’s the reason my heart cried out to write this piece. Thanks Craig!



Wonderful piece, Marcia! isn’t that all we ever really want is to be understood? I think writers more than most. So we write and write with the hopes someone ‘gets’ it. Keep writing, Marcia!


Yes exactly, Riss, we ALL want to be understood! I hadn’t thought it more so about writers but now as I ponder it, I imagine you are correct. I know for myself at least that your last sentence just resonates with me! Thanks Riss!


Very apt and legitimate gripe about the lack of communication we seem to get more often than not from our friends and family. This technological age doesn’t help matters any, either. Most folks seem to have their faces stuck in their smartphones rather than make eye contact with the person sitting right in front of them. I can relate to this writing, Marcia! Well -done.

Write On!

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Marcia,

Great piece here. Too many people listen to reply, not to hear what’s being said. I think it’s a habit we develop and it’s a hard one to break. Your poem does a great job highlighting this.

No nits.



You’re right Tim, it is a hard habit to break. I know I do it as well but how many misunderstandings (and hurt feelings) would we avoid if we did listen better? Maybe I’ll make that a resolution in January. Thanks for your encouraging words!



Fantastic! I understand fully how you feel. Listening is an active, not passive skill. Too many people confuse listening with waiting to speak; of course, I’ve been guilty of that, also.

But wonderful write. No nits. Write on!

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