Collections, Anyone?

Most people I know have things they collect.

Insects, stamps, coins, rocks, keys, shot glasses, baseball cards, and more.  Pretty much anything is collectable.


Myself, I have a few things I collect.  I’ve collected Lapel Pins (not the button kind) since I was six.  Right now, I have some two hundred in my collection.  Maybe a few more.  Most people narrow their collections to a single kind of pin- Disney Pins, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Military pins are all popular.  I have some from all of those categories, but I’m more of a broad spectrum collector, and try to have some of everything.

I also collect coins, and have in my collection a couple of personal prizes such as my 1838 large cent penny, a liberty dime, and a handful of coins the soldiers used in occupied Japan after World War II.

I used to have a huge Star Wars collection, but now it’s narrowed down to mostly the die cast metal starships.  I also collect books and movies too.


One thing every collector, those who are serious about their hobby, will tell you is that you need a place to keep them.  My pins are on a foamcore board.  My coins in a padded box.  My Star Wars ships in another padded box.  The movies are stored on a shelf, as are my books.  I don’t have anything out to display, except the pins.  But you’ll find most collectors are usually proud of their collections, and like to display them for others to see.

So, do you collect anything?  Or do you know someone who does?



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So, I have done my best to collect nothing. I think it is because I have family that are hardcore collectors of many things. My Dad collects guns, old tools, wood planes, tractors, small engines, coins, stamps, National Geographic magazines dating back to the 1960’s…and the list goes on. My oldest brother collects and restores 1965 Mustangs, Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles, bicycles, license plates, Aladdin lamps, old bottles, insulators, model cars, tractors, small engines, spark plugs, coins, stamps, old tools, hub caps…and the list goes on. My youngest brother collects vintage fishing poles and tackle; my sister-in-law carved wooden walking sticks, harmonicas, guitars, feral farm cats; my mom has a music box collection.

I have witnessed the clutter of all these things. Thus, I choose not to collect anything…lol Well, I guess I have a book collection…lol

Fun post, Tim!
Write On!


Hi, Tim! Nice post about collections. I think a lot of people collect things. Recently, I’ve started a collection of writing books and plan to get some more. I also have a few novels that although I’ve finished reading intend to keep on display on a bookshelf. One of my novels was even sighed by the author and he gave me a special note.

My oldest sister who went to Jamaica has a collections of Jamaican coins and a few picture plaques she got on her trip too.


I have collected things over the years. Heavy Metal and Conan magazines, CDs purchased from Columbia House, beer bottles.. The whole gamut.

The only real collection I have left is one that was ascribed to me. Apparently, I collect chicken-themed stuff. Salt shakers, stuffed and mechanical toys, and crap. The thing is: I don’t really care for them, They just keep being given to me as gifts. What do you get Doug? Chickens. That’s what.

The simple truth is that 25 years ago, I took my future mother-in-law’s ceramic chicken with me carousing on a bender. I called my date for the evening Henrietta. It was just that one time. Honest.

Ever since, I get chicken junk.

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