Clown Carpool


“Yeah, but your thing, Krinkles. Now Krinkle your ass into the lower compartment.”

“Look Bozo, I’ve done it twice this week, I can’t do it again. Besides, I had them Mexican scrambled eggs for breakfast. Krinkling right now ain’t a good idea.”

“You jack-ass! How many times have we told you no scramble before mini car … How many times! I can’t work like this. Should have stayed in the union. Doink! How about you, think you’ll fit?”

“Do I look like I’d fit in that hole? Maybe one ass cheek … Maaaaybe. I’m the last one in, y’all need me to put the final crush on to make sure we all fit.”

“Yeah, THAT’s what we need, ya pudgy bastard. K, well that just leaves you Trinket. I know this is your first run, and it’s a little awkward having Sparkles and Bubbles sit on your head when you hardly know them, but we’re out of options here.”

“But … But what if I can’t breath? Or worse, what if Bubbles farts?”

“Bubbles! Don’t fart on Trinket! Copy!?”

“Roger that B.”

“There, no Bubble farts. This is your time, Trinket! Don’t let us down, man! Yours is the only move that matters, so don’t screw this up!!”


Author Notes

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reigny dai


Fitting title. Who knew clowns had problems, lol? I enjoyed this behind-the-scene look into clown conundrums.

Lisa Walter


Clowns creep me out. I realized only after reading that the entire thing is dialogue. For me, personally, I get more out of a story if speech is broken up by thoughts and story narration. With that said, story was fun and dialogue did a great job of giving insight into character.
Thanks for sharing.

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