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Kiaria Zavala, age: forty-four, height one point seven meters, weight seventy kilos, brown eyes, hair and complexion.

Origin: Tara Humara region, Mexico

History: Graduate of Alliance Cyber Warfare College, Intelligence Specialist.  Twenty-three years Alliance service with two clandestine missions into Martuzian Scavenger territory and two missions into territory controlled by war lord Teis.  On her last mission turned by Teis to become a Kingdom deep operative.

Characteristics: Intelligent.  Said to be a quick study with a mindset based in logic.

Weaknesses: Little tolerance for errors from subordinates.  Loyal to Anton Teis.


Commander Reza Aeripica age: forty-seven, height one point seven five meters, weight forty-three kilos. Blonde hair, green eyes light complexion.

Origin: Panatal Region, Argentina

History: Graduated Brasilia War College, Brazil. Intelligent, pragmatic, valued for her tactical and strategic insight. Action in the Scavenger Wars of 2341 and 2347.  Led four missions into territories loyal to the Alliance.  Rose through the ranks becoming Senior Commander in 2350.  Oversees all military actions against Alliance incursions into Kingdom Territories in regions three, four, and five.

Characteristics: Intelligent with intimidating insights to strategic and tactical situations.  Known for her persistence and focus.  Once she is committed will see it through to its conclusion.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, driven by her perceived self-importance. Vengeful.  Never forgets any alleged insult.  Willing to sacrifice those under her command.  Outward hatred of Teis.


Prefect Meza:  Age seventy-five, height one point five meters, weight seventy two kilos.  Brown eyes, hair and complexion.

Origin: Peruvian Andes.

History: Information incomplete.  Said to have been an emissary between Lord Ganath and the T’ming, Worlar and Martuzian Scavengers.  Holds a perfunctory position under Lord Ganath.

Characteristics: Average intelligence, able to see solutions where others cannot.  Loyal, tireless service to Lord Ganath.

Weakness: None of any importance.


Proctor Salazar: age fifty-six, height one point eight meters, weight ninety-seven kilos.  Brown hair, eyes and light complexion.

Origin: Terra Del Fuego Argentina.

History: Little is known about him until he became a front-line soldier in 2343.  Rose rapidly through the ranks until sustaining serious injury during encounter with the T’ming Scavengers.  Approved Proctor of region three in 2353.

Characteristics: Relentless, with a sharp mind, with a methodical knowledge of human relationships.

Weaknesses: Does not take criticism well.  At times overbearing, alienating his subordinates, never apologizes.


Lord Tabir: age forty-four, height two meters, weight ninety eight kilos, red hair, hazel eyes and light complexion.

Origin: Moscow, Red Zone, Russia

History: Originally director of security and information.  Became envoy between Moscow and the Snow Kingdom in 2347.  Moved quickly up the chain of command until appointed Lord in 2352 to oversee security matters of the hydroponic complexes in regions three, four and five.

Characteristics: Practical, will pursue all possibilities before acting.

Weaknesses: Still viewed as an outsider by various members within the Kingdom political hierarchy.  Self-serving if it is to his advantage.


Lieutenant Lucheri: age thirty-two, height one point six-five meters, weight seventy kilos.  Brown hair, eyes and dark complexion.

Origin: Amazon River Delta.

History: Graduate, War College of Buenos Aires.  Adjutant to Commander Aeripica before becoming liaison between the military and Kingdom Complexes in regions three, four and five.

Characteristics: Loyal, tireless, patient, deep understanding military politics.

Weaknesses: Opinionated.  Will question authority if she feels she is correct.


Praetor Ziebek: Age, (estimated) forty six, height one point eight meters, weight seventy-nine kilos

Origin: Unknown.

History: Joined Snow Kingdom military as front line combatant 2334.  Distinguished himself in actions against the T’ming and Worlar scavengers, Warlord Zapotec and raids against pirate mercenaries.  Hand-picked by Lord Ganath to serve underneath Lord Tabir.

Characteristics: Said to be fearless, loyal, does not question authority.

Weaknesses: Prone to make rash decisions. Has been known to be self-serving.


Raul Pinowne: Age (estimated) seventy-nine, height one point five meters, weight sixty-nine kilos. Brown eyes, hair and complexion

Origin: Parana River Basin, Matto Grasso, Brazil

History: Little is known until the ascension of War Lord Teis.  Served many years as consul to Teis.  Holds a minor position within the Atacama Hydroponics Complex.

Characteristics: Known for his logic, with a unique ability to see all aspects of a situation.  Extremely loyalty to Teis.

Weakness: Unshakable loyalty to Teis.

Author Notes

Time to describe existing characters and those who will appear in the next few chapters.



You are introducing some women into the fold. I am interested to see how you play them out. Nice lay-out of characters, Ray.

Write On!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Becky

Thanks for the input as it’s always appreciated. When I’ve completed my list of characters, there will be six women. Commander Reza Aeripica will be one of my main characters and a torn in Teis’s side.

Take care and stay safe,


Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Craig

Thanks for the input as it helped make my day!
I would like to do a series (have to finish this one) of five possibly six books, god and talent willing.

Again, thank you.

Take care and stay safe,



Some very interesting new characters here I anticipate meeting up with them down the track. From what I see here the world you have devised Ray is a lot bigger than the one mission we are seeing here will these be a series of books eventually? cant wait for them to come out I will definitely be in the first lineto buy signed first editions cheers.

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