Teis felt his bravado rising but immediately reigned it in.  What is his endgame?  Why such focus on a low-level politico?  “I did contact Lord Salazar, regarding Cortezzo’s appointment, M’Lord.  He found it lacked merit, that the assignment was no more than a political marker coming due.  He wanted to know how one such as Cortezzo could be posted to an individual who was thirty years a War Lord then the complex’s Chief Analyzer for three standard years.  Based on this, M’Lord, I felt it prudent to contact Lord Salazar.”


Tabir knew Teis’s logic was sound and it angered him.  Looking away briefly he turned and stared at Teis.  “Based on what you have said I now see it was the logical choice to contact Lord Salazar.  But as I have stated, Teis, no longer!  When you speak to Lord Salazar, you will inform me regarding what has transpired.  Lord Salazar will maintain his silent feed, but from this point forwarded all information regarding the Atacama complex sent to Lord Salazar will first go through me.  My decisions regarding the complex will be shared with Proctor Cortezzo.   Is this understood, Chief Analyzer?”


You are a clueless fool, Tabir.   Cortezzo has no experience in such matters.  “I see no logic in your decision, M’Lord!” Teis said his temper growing.  “He is weak and easily overwhelmed by the complex’s day-to-day functions.  He is a detriment to its operations.  Yesterday I told him to contact Lord Salazar regarding the details of the hunt.  Due either to his fear of Lord Salazar’s sharp tongue, his sheer incompetence, or both, he failed to do so adequately.  If he could not handle such a simple task, how can I rely on him with matters far more important, M’Lord?”     Must take a gamble.  Must see how he thinks.  “Cortezzo will be a detriment to this facility.  How can I trust one so inept?  I stand by my words, M’Lord!”


One thing I’ll give you Teis, you never lacked for a backbone.  “Do you know Proctor Cortezzo was appointed by Supreme Lord Coquero himself?”  Tabir’s face split into a wicked grin.


Teis’s eyes didn’t blink. “I did not realize Lord Coquero rewarded incompetency, M’Lord!  To be burdened with such an unskilled fool only complicates matters.  I do not need this weight about my neck, M’Lord!  To me he is as worthless as a common Jobati!”


Tabir shook his head in annoyance.  “And how would you rectify this situation, Chief Analyzer?”  Let us see if his War-Lord’s logic can sway me.


“Have Cortezzo monitor Lord Salazar’s communiqués to me, M’Lord.  In this manner he will gain knowledge of the unfolding situation.”


Hmmn, very good Teis; logical and practical.  “But let us not forget one fact, Teis: It is Proctor Cortezzo and should you forget his title again you will find yourself at one of the Kingdom’s African complexes, preferably located deep within the jungle.  Do you understand, CHIEF ANALYZER?”


Teis stared at Tabir; his punitive scowl turning into a mocking smile.  “As my word as Chief Analyzer of the Atacama Hydroponics Complex, it will not happen again M’Lord.”


Tabir smiled.  I cannot readily dismiss his words.  Though Cortezzo was a political appointment, it was a poor one.  I will consider your request, Teis, but do not get one’s hopes up just yet!  Tabir, End of Line!”


Teis sat back heavily in his grav chair and stared at the dark screen.  “It will only be a matter of time before Cortezzo’s decisions or inactions displease Salazar. No matter.  The sooner we can implement my plan, the sooner we can bring an end to this abortion.

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