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Satisfied for the moment, Teis passed his hand over the blue light emanating from the chair’s armrest, saving the data.  He leaned forward and pressed a small yellow button in the middle of the consol and watched a small vial of liquid snow appear which he readily downed.


To his dismay, the liquid failed to have the desired effect.  Agitated, Teis stood and walked behind his chair and began pacing back and forth.  “They’re . . . damned GR’s . . . genetic reconstructs.  The Alliance can’t have this level of medical technology.”  Teis’ face split into a wicked scowl.  “This cannot be.  It’s impossible.  Kiaria would have known of such things and not hypothesized about it.”  He stopped and faced the black screen: “Computer, postulate GR’s intent.  Present on alternate screen immediate.  Once completed, institute code SK-1-1A-URGENT: continue until coded information is corroborated and generates replies.”



Teis continued to pace back and forth behind his chair, constructing scenario after scenario as to why the genetically reconstructed Alliance warriors allowed themselves to be captured then escape with twelve mules.  What bothered him more than the escape was why, over a given period of time, were the twelve mules no longer addicted to the snow. Deep in thought, Teis barely acknowledged the sound of chimes that indicated his priority code and accompanying information had been received.  With mounting anxiety he stared at the dark screen and watched it brighten to reveal a tall, thin-faced, balding man with sunken cheeks.


A look of surprise covered Teis’s face.  In his mind he had expected a much younger, robust individual, not an old man who looks like he has cheated death more than once.


“I am Lord Tabir. You seek answers, Chief Analyzer.” Tabir’s voice, though high-pitched, was succinct, commanding.


“Yes, M’Lord, I do.”


“State the nature of your concerns, Chief Analyzer.”


With a rigid calmness Teis, spoke:  “Anton Teis, Chief Analyzer, Atacama Hydroponics Complex, Sector D.  Data correlation and analysis of last escape from the Atacama Hydroponics Complex indicates penetration and escape of twelve mules led by two Alliance warriors.  On the basis of our information we believe both warriors to be GRs.  They, and the twelve mules that escaped with them, showed no signs of snow addiction.”


The expression on Tabir’s faced hardened.  “You are positive of this, Chief Analyzer?”


Studying Tabir’s face for any indication of apprehension, Teis nodded slowly.  Interesting, he appears to be worried far more than he cares to admit, far more than he lets on.  “Analysis denotes pending autopsies will verify logictate’s hypothesis, M’Lord.”


“And what is the error probability, Chief Analyzer?”


Teis allowed himself a half grin.  “Point zero three, M’Lord.  I have personally rechecked the Data.”


Tabir stared at Teis, but remained silent.


Though Teis found Tabir’s behavior somewhat puzzling, he was determined not to ask if he required additional information.


“If what you said proves to be true, it could have grave consequences for the Kingdom.  Are the logictates are that absolute, Chief Analyzer?”


With a touch of unease, Teis forced a smile.  “Yes, M’Lord, they are.”


Regaining his composure, Tabir’s question was concise, almost pointed.  “Have the logictates determined intent and origin point, Chief Analyzer?”


“At this moment, they are inconclusive, M‘Lord.  Initial data correlation of ninety seven point seven percent indicates Alliance involvement.  The escape from my complex was undertaken as a ruse to conceal their true intent.  I am assuming the worst, M’Lord.  Th…”


“The worst in what regards,” Tabir interrupted.  “Tell me Teis, what do you suspect?”


Teis locked eyes with Tabir.  “For all intent and purposes, both Alliance Warriors let themselves be captured then escape after collecting information on our daily operations.  At this juncture, it appears all the escaped mules have been terminated, but not before they had destroyed four HK’s sent to kill them.  A partially buried weapons cache was discovered twelve kilometers south of the complex, conclusive proof of Alliance involvement, M’Lord.”


Seeing that Tabir could not hide his growing concern, Teis eased back into his chair.  Arms folded across his chest, he stared into Tabir’s ice-cold gray eyes — a sign of complete snow addiction – and waited for him to speak.


Tabir, looking for answers and not enigmas, spoke: “And your sources, Chief Analyzer, who are they?”


“With respect, M’Lord, I cannot reveal them.  Let it suffice, based on my Intel, that the twelve of mules that escaped were also Alliance soldiers.”


“And what of the two that allowed themselves to be captured, Teis?  They must have had clandestine Alliance support, no?”  Tabir’s stare was intense, almost demonic.

Author Notes


Tim Hillebrant


Hi Ray,

Wow, this conversation between Teis and Tabir reminded me a lot of Darth Vader speaking to the Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back. That Teis is nervous is understandable, but one thing I’m not sure of is Tabir. Is he in command in some way? Or an analyst? If he’s an analyst, why is Teis so concerned about his thoughts and respectful to him?

This was a great bit of reading, and I enjoyed it a lot.


Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Tim

Thank you so much for the input and encouragement as it is appreciated.

take care and stay safe,



Ray, good continuation here. We get to learn more about Teis, meet Lord Tabir, and fill in some information about the Alliance. Way to move the story forward!

One nit: “a small yellow button in the middle of the consol (console).”

Good writin’!

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