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Seeing that Tabir could not hide his growing concern, Teis eased back into his chair.  Arms folded across his chest, he stared into Tabir’s ice-cold gray eyes — a sign of complete snow addiction – and waited for him to speak.


Tabir, looking for answers and not enigmas, spoke: “And your sources, Chief Analyzer, who are they?”


“With respect, M’Lord, I cannot reveal them.  Let it suffice, based on my Intel, that the twelve of mules that escaped were also Alliance soldiers.”


“And what of the two that allowed themselves to be captured, Teis?  They must have had clandestine Alliance support, no?”  Tabir’s stare was intense, almost demonic.


Ignorant fool!  Of course they did!  Careful not to show his contempt for Tabir, Teis unfolded his arms and sat forward.  “As I stated M’Lord, the logictates indicate the last two captured mules were Alliance warriors.”


Teis watched the tall, lean figure move from his chair and stand behind it.  Tabir’s voice sliced through the mounting tension.  “When do you anticipate cadaver analysis, Chief Analyzer?  The Kingdom must take preventative actions against incidents of this nature.”


Tabir’s growing impatience was met by Teis’s silent scorn.


“My office, M’Lord received an encrypted security communication.  It stated that the immediate release of nineteen stalkers, including the new prototype, would proceed once we receive Verifier confirmation that all the escaped mules have been terminated.  If we do not encounter any further complications, you will have all pertinent data within three standard hours of the autopsies, M’Lord.”


“Let’s pray your pets don’t eat the evidence, eh, Chief Analyzer.”


Teis was adamant. “That will not happen, M’Lord.  The injection of quizine, given prior to their release, suppresses only their hunger, not their desire to kill and retrieve.”


“Hmmn, I see,” Tabir mused as he looked down his angular nose at Teis.  “Let’s hope the injections will be as successful as you have stated, Teis.  If only one of the logictates proves correct, a possible threat beyond norms, will await the Snow Kingdom, no?”


With an obligatory nod, Teis sat back into the comfort of his chair.  “Yes, M’Lord, it very well could.  It is imperative that all relevant data be analyzed before the Kingdom pursues a course of action, M’Lord.”


Satisfied with the Chief Analyzer’s reply Tabir returned to his chair.  “Just between us, Teis, with deference and respect of your knowledge and experience in matters of this nature, what do you think was the Alliances end point?”


Surprised by Tabir’s praise Teis hesitated.  With a nervous cough he glanced momentarily at his console, then out through the viewport to collect his thoughts.  Inhaling deeply, he sat forward and with a contemplative look, spoke: “It is difficult to predict, their intent, M’Lord.  My data, is at best, fragmented, hence the three logictates.  My instincts along with the data, suggests they had help from one of the Alliance Domes.”


“Is it possible to more precise, Chief Analyzer?  I fail to see the connection.”


His temper beginning to grow, Teis paused briefly before answering Tabir.  “M’Lord, my sources indicate it is either the Alliance Domes of New Las Vegas or Denver as either or both are capable of such genetic manipulations.”


To Teis’s surprise, Tabir’s face remained free of any emotion as did his voice.  “A most interesting theory, Chief Analyzer.  It would appear that your sources have access to strategic information that I do not.  In deference to your conclusion concerning the Alliance Domes, I pray to the Gods you are wrong, Teis, though only time will tell, will it not?”


“Do you wish anything, further, M’Lord?”


Tabir’s face was taught and serious.  “I require no further assistance, Chief Analyzer.  The Tribunal’s data banks will interface with yours upon completion of the autopsies.”


“But, M’Lord would it not be more efficient if I . . . “


“Chief Analyzer,” Tabir said with a controlled and condescending sharpness, “you have preformed, admirably, even brilliantly.  Your bold initiative and thorough assistance will be duly noted and rewarded.  On that you have my word.  Do you have any further input, Chief Analyzer?”


Infuriated, Teis looked away momentarily before shaking his head.  “No, none at this time, M’Lord.  Input received and understood, M’Lord.”


“Then kudos, Chief Analyzer.  Tabir, End Of Line.”


Teis watched the Lord’s gaunt image fade.  “Reward!  REWARD.  Not likely is it, Chief Analyzer?” Teis stood and threw his chair across the room.  A disturbed look covering his face, he walked over to his chair and, having put back it in front of the console, sat down.  Letting his fingertips drum aimlessly upon the chair’s armrest, he vented out loud: “I wonder which fat-carcassed Lord will reap the benefits of my work this time?  This would not have happened five years hence, for then that degenerate saprophyte would have groveled before me for his very life!”

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