The cycle of life as we pass through it

Is one about change there is nothing else to it

Do we rail against change and stop it in its tracks

Do we accept it for what it is and take it with thanks

Change can be burdensome for those set in their ways

They put up hurdles to jump every day

To welcome change as a friend not a foe

Is to follow your journey to accept it and let go

Fear can cloud our ability to change

The fear of the unknown the fear of the strange

These changes will occur as life unfolds

Like stories from the ages they change as they are told

We are the constant that must follow on

We have no choice but to embark on

This journey of change brings pleasure and strife

To follow it through is to live your life

Author Notes

A look at life's changes

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Tim Hillebrant


“Change is the only constant in the universe.” Star Trek VI I believe.
The truth in that statement is underlined in your poem here. Change is a process everything and every one must go through. There is no escaping it- it happens.

I love this poem, and thought it very well written.

Suggestion, if I may- You’re very well versed in the types of poetry, and have some excellent examples of them. Not long ago, Becky put up a Group Discussion on poetry and it’s forms. I think you too could write such a post, and I think it would do very well.

Just a thought.

Well done, sir!!



Cheers Tim and yes it is a good suggestion Becky mentioned the same thing to me. I am thinking about it maybe starting a discussion on one type of poetry at a time .


As I read this poem, I felt I could be writing it myself… So many truisms. Facing and accepting change gracefully is difficult, until you realize it IS a part of life and there are no answers. Just go with the flow and see how it transforms. 🙂

You used a great many personal pronouns that could easily be shaved out of this poem to make it flow more easily. Example:

Do we rail against change and stop it in its tracks
Do we accept it for what it is and take it with thanks

Alternate example:
Do we rail against change and stop its tracks
Or accept what is, and take with thanks

I always love the messages in your poetry. It often speaks to me. 🙂

Write On!

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