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Dorothy closes her eyes and clicks her heels three times. When she opens her eyes she expects to be home, but the Wizard must have got his geographical locations mixed up because this place is nothing like home! Describe where Dorothy ends up.


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Author Notes

125 Comments for “CHALLENGE #4”

Tracey Davis


After Dorothy clicked her heels and said the chant that Glinda taught her, she opened her eyes and saw that she was at a different place. She saw stables, huts, people wearing big black coats huddling around a fire and some were sitting at tables drinking their drinks and talking. Plus, it was snowing all over the place.
“This is not my home! Where am I?” Dorothy asked herself. She walked to find a place to get warm, then suddenly she bumped into something…or someone and fell on the snowy ground. A hand was held out to her and she grabbed on to the hand, helping her up.
“Gee, thanks! I don’t know where I am nor what I am doing here! I was wondering…” Dorothy stopped halfway when she saw the most beautiful eyes that she has ever seen. Not only that, saw a very handsome man with dark curly messed up hair that goes with those dark eyes. Her heart skipped a beat. She was speechless.
“You are at the Wall. My name is Jon Snow. And this my wolf, Ghost.”
“Well, it is nice to meet you, Mr. Snow. And Ghost. My name is Dorothy. And this is my dog, Toto!” Toto popped his head out of the picnic basket.
“Shall we find you something to keep you warm?” Jon Snow asked.
“Sure!” Dorothy took Jon Snow’s hand into hers and walked along the snow-covered ground. I would love to tell you what happened; but, that calls for another story.



After clicking her heels and reciting the mantra Glinda had instructed her to recite, Dorothy slowly opened her eyes expecting to be home with her Auntie Em and uncles. She gasped realizing she was definitely not home back in Kansas but instead aboard a spaceship!
“Hello? Anybody? Where am I?” Dorothy croaked and felt fear rise in the pit of her stomach when long strings of saliva pooled down before her feet followed by guttural hissing.


“There’s no place like home there is no place like home” Dorothy opened one eye it was raining she was soaking wet Todo was nowhere to be seen. It was warm water. Wait… she was in a shower then she heard the creek of a door and a voice said ” Mummy”. A squeal of music punctuated each stab through the curtain and screaming Dorothy fell in the tub.

Anisa Claire


Golden arches towered overhead. The smell of grease hung in the air… Confused, Dorothy spun around, staring blankly at the brightly lit menu now in front of her. “I’ll take a side of fries, please,” she whispered, shocked she found her voice in all the chaos.


Waking up at McDonald’s! What a nightmare for this poor young innocent farm girl! I don’t think her stomach can handle the fries. It’s not gonna be pretty! Good one, Anisa! Were you parked in a McDonald’s parking lot when you wrote this????? Hahhaahahahahha!

Christina Ritchie


Dorthory opened her eyes and could not believe her eyes. “This is not my home! Where is Aunt Em? Where is the farm in Kansas? What is this place?” Dorthory looked around and saw that she was sitting in something that had a wheel on it and had seats everywhere. She saw something that looked like a key and turned it. “Welcome Dorthory. My name is Siri. The good witch had trouble getting you home so I am here to take you home”. “But how will I get home?” Dorthory asked. “What is this thing? How do you use it?”. “It’s a car and don’t worry I will drive it for you and eventually you will get back to Kansas and….” Siri tried to explain but Dorthory interrupted her. “Drive. I don’t know what that is. How far am I from the townhouse?” Dorthory asked Siri. “According to my calculations about 3 miles. So I can get you there in about…”
“I don’t want to hear it. I would rather walk. Tell Glinda she can take her contraception back to OZ. Why would anyone want to drive this thing when they can get there faster by walking? What was Glinda smoking?”.
Dorthory got out of the car, opened up the passenger door, grabbed Toto and the two of them walked back to the farm house where they were greeted by Auntie Em.


Dorothy clicked her heels three times and passed out. When she woke up and opened her eyes, she saw nothing but darkness. Beneath her was wet, cold clay; she realized she lay in a puddle.

“What’s going on,” she muttered wearily. She felt around, but only found cold dirt walls in every direction. Finally, she could make out a light above her; squinting, Dorothy recognized the Wizard’s face staring down at her. She started to speak, but was interrupted by something hard hitting her in the heat.

“Ow!” She cried. “What was…” She couldn’t finish her sentence before being knocked off her feet by a torrent of water.

She scrambled to her knees, finding a plastic bottle as she felt around the ground. “What’d this,” she yelled up.

The Wizard stared down and pointed at the bottle. “Put the lotion on the skin, or else it gets the hose again!”

“Oh, dear,” Dorothy thought to herself. “This definitely isn’t Kansas!” She tried to click her heels again,, but discovered that she no longer wore the ruby slippers.


Dorothy opens her eyes to find herself on a plain full of green dirt and strange purple plants. She notices she’s being watched by a huddle of small people… or at least what appear to be small people. They have flat heads with bulging eyes, wrinkly skin, and little three-toed stubs for feet. Suddenly she catches sight of one of them walking up to her, slowly extending a forefinger that begins to glow!

Terrified, Dorothy screams and clicks her heels again, taking her back to Oz and the Wizard. He stares at her sweaty pale face in shock.

“Back so soon?” he asks, puzzled.

“Where did you send me?!” Dorothy cries when she finds her voice again.

“Home, of course!” says the Wizard. “You know, the place that little alien guy is always trying to phone?”

“A-Alien?!” Dorothy closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “I want to go to MY home!”

“Oh!” The Wizard laughs. “Why didn’t you say so? Just hand me those heels and I’ll fix them right up. You’ll be ready to go in a jiffy!”


“Oh, my, this doesn’t look like home,” said Dorothy. She looked down at her sparkly red shoes covered in pink frosting, and there were two life-sized white candles standing next to her displaying the number ten.

Toto started to struggle in her arms, wanting to get down. He jumped into the frosting, and ran around the circular platform making tracks, and then awkwardly squatted on a nearby candy flower decoration. He ran back to Dorothy and jumped back into her arms. Her face was scrunched up in a horrified shape as she looked at the pile of doo-doo on the candied flower.

“Oh, my, Toto. We’ve gotta get out of here!”
Just then, a young girl ran into the room and stood in front of the cake. “Look, Mommy! The decorations are climbing down the side of the cake!!”

Mom came in to take a look, and exclaimed, “Pugh!! What is that horrible smell in here?”

Dorothy and Toto made it to the floor and ran for their lives, looking for a way out.

Travis Baribeau


The road lifted to the sky in front of me, curling over my head like a wave, and with a crash it met the road behind me. I now found myself in a rotating tunnel. The faster I ran, the faster it spun. Swirls of lights and smoke, and thunderous lightening crashed all around me. And then I tripped and fell… And I’m still falling.


“Well, we’re still not in Kansas, Toto,” said Dorothy. She hugged her little dog close as she stood on the rocky outcrop and looked across the plain. It was so cold! In the distance, she cold see movement.

“What or who is that?” she gasped as the apparition drew closer.

Before she could blink, a blond woman dressed in furs and riding a large dog towered in front of her.

“What manner of weakling are you?” commanded the warrior woman.

“Gosh, my name is Dorothy from Kansas,” said the girl. “I’m neither there nor in Oz.”

“I am Valkyrie,” said the woman. “You are not safe here. The beast comes. Beware of Grendel.”

“Grendel? Is he the Wizard of this land?”

“No, Dorothy. Most certainly not,” said Valkyrie. She held out her hand. “Come, girl.”

Dorothy took the woman’s hand and found herself flung astride the dog behind her.

“Take your flight, Fido! We must make haste!”

And with that, they sped across the plan to the setting Sun and the sea.


I really like this one, Doug. The Valkyrie and the large dog she is riding, Grendel, etc… Will there be dragons?? All sorts of fantasies rolling around in my head for this one. Nice!



Dorothy’s eyes flew open and she sat up in the hard bed.
“Aunt Em?” she called out, hope eager in her voice.
“Let me guess,” an irritated nurse snapped as she prepped a large and menacing needle. “This time you went to a magical land and a talking horse, a little girl made of porcelain and an old lady made from a compost heap helped you battle a flying toad.”
“What? No…” Dorothy said, confusion mingling with an awful sense of déjà vu rattling about in her head.
“It’s always some grand adventure with you, freak,” the nurse replied, the thorazine dripping from the glistening needle.
Dorothy screamed as she felt the stab then drifted back down into oblivion, the restraints around her wrists and ankles moving slightly as her body slumped into the thin sheets.
“I never should have agreed to work on the psych ward,” the nurse sighed, watching the girl’s face go slack.

Tim Hillebrant


Dorothy felt so much love in her heart, so much hope, she squeezed her eyes shut and clicked her heels, saying, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

She could feel the euphoric sense of herself dissolving away from Oz, and couldn’t wait to see Auntie Em, the farm, and all the rest. Her joy was short lived when she opened her eyes and screamed. Six little creatures, dressed in hooded brown robes stood staring down at her. The only thing she could see of the creature’s faces was that each creature had two glowing yellow eyes set deep within the hoods.
She didn’t understand their language, so making out what they were trying to say was impossible, not that it mattered much when they worked together to pick her up, and carry her none-too-gently to a gargantuan machine, over the rocky, sand-covered ground.
They deposited her inside, and walked away. Dorothy looked around, seeing all sorts of strange, machine-like things.
“Goodness Gracious Me!” Said a prim voice from a man who somewhat resembled her friend , the Tin Man. His skin was golden colored, and his eyes glowed too.
“Where am I?” Dorothy asked tentatively.
“I’m not quite sure,” replied the golden-man, “But I think if there’s a dark center to the universe, we’re on the planet farthest from.”
“Oh my, Toto, I don’t think we’re in Oz anymore!”

Joy Kettren


Dorothy hears hoots and jeers. Opens her eyes to see metal bars in front of her. Women walking by in orange jumpsuits, making obscene gestures at her. One woman walks up to her cell. “Well, aren’t you the cutest, sweetheart. What you in for?” Dorothy looks down to see she’s wearing an orange jumpsuit, too. The ruby slippers are gone, and in their place are hard plastic shower shoes. Where is she?

Lisa Doesburg


Closing her eyes, Toto tucked neatly up under her arm, Dorothy gave the wizard a parting smile as she clicked her heels three times, ‘There’s no place like home”, she chanted..She felt her body being pulled through a giant tunnel of light and in an instant, she was on the ground again. Opening her eyes with happiness, it soon changed to terror as she looked up at the biggest creature she’d ever seen in all her life. Tall as skyscraper, with teeth the size of a person, it roared and shook the treetops. She knew without a doubt she was looking at a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Tim Hillebrant


From Oz to Jurassic Park, or the Jurassic time period at any rate. Nicely done, Lisa!! Poor Dorothy, from Witch Fodder to Dino Chow. LOLOL

Carol Moore


Dorothy opens her eyes and she is on the beach of Hawaii. She thinks, “Well I can think of worst places to end up if not at home.” She sits on a beach chair and relaxes with a drink with a little umbrella.


Looking about Dorothy spots a long table filled with what looks like the setting for an elaborate Tea party but the characters she sees are a field mouse a march hare a mad looking man with an outrageous hat. Then it dawns on her that stupid wizard sent her into the wrong book.

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