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Oh, no! The Cowardly Lion and Dorothy fall prey to the powerful hallucinogens of the field of Poppies in front of the Emerald City! Choose Dorothy or the Lion and describe the whacked out visions they have while “under the influence” of Poppy pollen!


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Author Notes

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“The evil – I can’t watch it any more!”

Lion fell to the ground and clawed at his face, his lengthy claws gouging his eyes from their sockets. His screaming finally drew the attention of his travelling companions, who were fighting visions of their own.

“Evil,” screamed Dorothy.

Scarecrow and Tin Man echoed Dorothy. “Evil! Evil!”

The blinded lion never saw the three converge upon him, Tin Man swinging his ax wildly. They fell upon Lion, clawing through his thick hide, grabbing and strewing his internal organs. The pain made its way through the drug-induced fog, and Lion’s scrams faded as he weakened.

A few yards away, Toto chewed the meat off a fresh rib…

Tracey Davis


Dorothy was coming to when opened her eyes. There were cute, little lizards crawling up on her leg.
“Oh my! How cute!” She picked up one of them and petted him on the head. Then suddenly, wings and ears spouted up. Dorothy’s face turned into the face of terror when she realized that the lizards were baby dragons. She looked around to find a place to leave the field. Then, she saw the sky.
“It’s a nest! I am in a dragon’s nest!” All of the baby dragons and their mama surround around Dorothy. Inch by inch, they backed Dorothy into the back of the nest. The sticks gave away and she was falling and falling to the ground.
“Aaaaaaaaah!” Then, it all turned black.
“No! no! helllllp!” Dorothy snapped out of it and she was surrounded with flowers covered with snow. She was back at the poppy fields; but this time, covered in snow. She realized that there were no dragons. It was all a trippy dream.



Sitting amidst the field of poppies, a giddy feeling enveloped Dorothy. Looking over at the lion, she couldn’t help but burst into uncontrollable laughter—he was incredibly silly rolling about like a kitten.
“What? What?” Lion hiccupped around a mouthful of the colourful blooms he had greedily ingested and sneezed. “Whuff. Whuff—Oooh I see rainbows, pretty rainbows come play with me!”


Ten Munshkins chewing the shit, lolled against the trees they were arguing over the snacks when Dorothy and the crew spotted them. A huge dragon in a tutu danced to a unicorn playing the horn. Dorothy rubbed her eyes and shook her head, blinking she turned to the lion. “What’s happening?” she said.
Lion was beating his chest with both fists and chasing scarecrow across the field or poppies.
Tinman, scratched his head threw up on his feet as he was swinging Todo by his tail over his head.Dorothy cried as a shark snapping his jaws from a cloud shouted “There’s no place like homie dude….



The lion’s eyes grew heavier and his massive body slipped down into the carpet of tiny red poppies, his snores rumbling from a chest fit for the king of the forest. His ears twitched as he heard the laughter of the blades of grass and the mocking voices of the ants.
“Some king,” he heard them whispering as they swarmed across his huge paws. “We shall defeat you with our stinging bites!”
Hornets too swarmed around, buzzing in mechanical tones, each singing “King of the cowards! King of the cowards!” They battered his flanks with their thorny stingers and he moaned softly in his sleep.
His dreaming mind watched Dorothy, the tin man, and the scarecrow shake their heads sadly. “He sure wasn’t much of a lion,” Dorothy commented before taking each of the human idols’ arms and walking away.
“Typical,” the tin man chuckled.
“Wait!” he tried to roar, but it came out like a kitten’s mew, and he coughed as a worm crawled into his open maw.


This is so sad! They can’t leave the lion there all by himself!!!! I don’t think I will ever get over this. The poor lion, dreaming such an awful dream about himself. He really does need to work on his self-image! A Bad Trip to be sure.



Awww, not to worry Becky…they are only leaving him in his dream! His own insecurities haunting him and creating his worst fears. In reality, Dorothy is snoozing away right next to him 🙂

Christina Ritchie


“Hey man. Like wow man. I think I have three paws instead of one. No that’s just my hand moving in front of my face. Wait I do have a third paw it’s right there. ” Cowardly lion said as he lifted up his right leg. “Look I can do the hokey pokey. You left your right or is it left leg up and geez man I can’t remember what happens next. When do you fall down” he said scratching his head in confusion.
“Right now!” Dorthory shouted joyfully and she grabbed one of his hands/paws and pulled him to the ground. They rolled in the flowers laughing uncontrollably as they tried to stand up and do the hokey pokey. Tin Man came upon on them and asked: “What are you two doing?”
“The hokey pokey man! You should try it except you need to stand up or do you roll around. I can’t remember” the cowardly lion said and sat up in confusion rubbing his face with his paws.
“Come on you two we need to get to OZ”. the tin man grabbed Dorthory and pulled her up and put her in the forest away from the poppies and did the same with the cowardly lion.
“What happened?” Dorthory asked. “Why are there flowers in my hair? Come we need to get to OZ”.
The three of them went back on the path and continued onto to OZ.

Anisa Claire


And in a blink, the fields rose into massive mountains. Scary mountains. Mountains full of mischief. In the middle, I lie… swirling, soaring, staying perfectly still. Simply taking in the magic from the melting surroundings. What is the Earth trying to tell me? The lands? What are they screaming? I will listen from my perch of madness…


“You’ll never catch me, Lion!”
“Says who?”
“Says me! You’re such a coward, you can’t even chase a little mouse!”
“Coward?! I’ll show you coward, you rat!”
The Lion pounces and grabs the grey blur in front of him. A yowl of pain echoes through the air.
“Ha, I’ve got you now, mouse!”
“No, you’ve got ME!”
A clanging sound rings out as the Lion feels a sharp thump on his head. Blinking and shaking his head, his vision clears to reveal a metal foot in his paws and a very angry Tin Man hopping on one leg before him.


Dorothy help me these Lion eating butterflies are all over me get the bug zapper now. I left it in the Lilac coloured sea shell sitting beside the Popcorn maker under the large green turnip.


“Mommy? Mommy, is that you?” The Cowardly Lion hugs his imaginary teddy bear and rolls in the colorful scented Poppies. Tinman and Scarecrow watch as he rolls and sniffs, unaware that he is dreaming.

“The colors are so bright, Mommy.” The Lion paws the air, making trails in the sunlight that only he can see. “What is that over there? A Green City? It shines likes emeralds! Take me there, Mommy.” The Lion is flat on his back with all four paws flailing in the air, running at what appears to be a terrific speed.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” The Lion is gyrating with glee. Then, it looked like someone had just slapped him, as his head jerked to one side, and a bit of spittle drooled out.

“Sorry, Mommy. I will shut up now.” And the Lion fell back to a heavy dreamlike state. His nose buried in the Poppies.

Tim Hillebrant


The Cowardly Lion couldn’t figure out what was going on. His feelings of inadequacy and fear were replaced by confidence and rage. He could feel his claws and fangs lengthening. With a savage roar, he turned towards the cowering creature next to him, attacking with a fury he’d as of yet never known.
His claws tore through its flesh like it was nothing but air. His teeth ravaged the body and he could feel the sweet nectar of its blood squirting into his throat. Through it all, he finally felt like a lion! A beast to be feared above all others. He was indeed the King of the Animals! He roared his warning to the world, and continued to feast upon his prey.

A few steps away, Scarecrow and Tin Man, both immune to the effects of the poppies, watched in awe.

“Gee,” Tin Man said to Scarecrow, “When he gets a popsicle, he really goes all out, doesn’t he?

“Good thing we didn’t give him the ice cream, isn’t it?”

Lisa Doesburg


Dorothy sat amidst the poppies, dreamily examining the vivid red and orange, so brilliant in their splendor. To her delight, she found herself sitting in piles and piles of the biggest, juiciest oranges and apples she’d ever seen. Looking over at the scarecrow, her delight turned to horror as she watched the scarecrow flick his bic and in a flash of bright orange, disappear in flames.

Joy Kettren


“Wow,” Dorothy thought. “I must be totally whacked out. Looks like I’m walking down a gold road with old Mr. Henson’s crappy scarecrow, a guy made of metal, and a lion. O.M.G. a lion! Is he gonna eat me?” Maybe it’s all a dream. Wonder what it means. I’m looking this one up when I’m awake.”

Carol Moore


“Oh Dorothy what are those big scary flowers doing in our path. Man I am so scared of them.”
“Lion what are you talking about they are just pretty flowers.”
“They are going to eat me, Help! Me! Dorothy, Please!”
Dorothy takes him by the paw and leads him out of the field.


i lay in the field of red and am no longer afraid i float and i float no longer afraid and the clouds are so pretty fluffy and white i can see me and the girl in the sea of red and i am no longer afraid i am a master of the jungle and i can see the emerald city and i am no longer afraid the monkeys the monkeys have winds and i laugh at them as i float without wings and i see the girl and i see the city and i am no longer afraid.

Tim Hillebrant


Reads like a hyper active acid trip, Doug. I loved this!!
And no, I wouldn’t know what one of those trips feels like, but if I did, I imagine it might feel something like this. You know, if I was a lion, in Oz, with Dorothy. I think.


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