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The road to Oz is long and full of perils. What if the road were a different color? Maybe it changes color as Dorothy and her friend’s travel to the Emerald City. Write a paragraph describing the Yellow Brick Road as a different color.


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Author Notes

99 Comments for “CHALLENGE #2”

Tracey Davis


When Dorothy, along with her four-legged friend Toto and friends stepped on the Yellow Brick Road, the bricks started to turn from yellow to silver. When they saw this, they were amazed by this development.
“Well, will you look at that!” said The Tin Man
“I have never seen anything like it!” said Scarecrow
“Well…I don’t like it! Maybe we should turn back!” said The Cowardly Lion
“We can’t turn back now! We just got here and we are going to finish our mission! What do you say?” Dorothy said. She held out her hand and waited for the others to agree with her.
“Dorothy’s right! We are here and we can’t turn back now! What say you, Tin Man!” Scarecrow said
Tin Man and Scarecrow put their hands over Dorothy and waited for Lion.
“I still don’t like it! But, for Dorothy and all of you, I guess I say yes!” He put his paw over their hands and it was settled.
“Okay! Let’s go!” Dorothy and the others did a hand in and walked together along the now Silver Brick Road to their destination.



Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Cowardly lion stood, their mouths open staring in disbelief as the once yellow brick road changed colours again for the tenth time during their trek to the Emerald city. It was now a paisley nightmarish hue.
“I knew it was a huge mistake eating those field mushrooms.” The lion stated pulling on his mane. “This is an acid trip we’re on isn’t it? I know it would explain why we’re hallucinating in wild technicolour.”



With each step Dorothy noticed a strange reaction of the yellow brick road to the witch’s ruby slippers. She turned behind to see her footsteps turning the bricks into an iridescent, shimmering green.
“Perhaps the bricks know where we are going,” she mused, trying to imagine an entire city in that shade of emerald.
“Or perhaps they know where we’ve been,” Scarecrow replied, noting his own footsteps turning the bricks into the exact shade of red the barn of his birth had been.


Dorothy dutifully followed the yellow brick road for hours, until it suddenly faded from yellow to blue. Confused, she couldn’t remember and side-paths, so she and her new friends continued. Perhaps, they thought, it will turn back to yellow further down.

But it didn’t. Another half-hour down, the path turned a bright red. Down farther, green. The changes continued, disorienting the travelers.

Have you ever seen this,” the Scarecrow asked?

Tin Man responded. “I’ve been down this road a hundred times, and it’s always been yellow.”

“I’m scared,” the Lion cried, expectedly.

The crew continued over the continually changing road, and eventually, heard strange and thrilling music from up ahead. scurrying over the hill, they saw a beautiful castle rise up ahead, surrounded by a huge crowd – a mass of balloons floated overhead.

“Emerald City!” Dorothy exclaimed.

“No, it cant’s be,” Scarecrow said. Emerald City is green. This is… purple.” They looked around. Sure enough, everything – the path, the castle, the balloons, the clothing, were all different shades of purple. Dorothy gasped.

“What’s wrong, Dorothy,” Lion asked.

“I know where we are,’ she said. “This isn’t Emerald City. It’s… it’s… Paisley Park!”

“Well then, let’s turn back and find the right way to Oz, then,” said Tinman.

“Oh, no.” Dorothy looked around. You know what, guys? Screw Kansas. This is home now!” Kicking off her inappropriately red heels, she led her friends down to the end of the path, humming ‘Rasberry Beret’ the entire way.

Joy Kettren


The road was dark, swarming with cockroaches. Dorothy and her new friends were frightened, not sure if they should continue. Just then, a beautiful shimmering city appeared on the horizon, and they ran toward it. A large billboard came into view, and they could make out “Wizard’s Extermination Service.” They knew this city had a serious problem.

Travis Baribeau


Deepest blue and worn emerald bricks scattered across the path, in ruins. What once was the yellow road to Emerald City now was only the darkened,weather-torn waste of forgotten dreams.

Christina Ritchie


As Dorthory and her friends walked to Oz they noticed something strange path was a dusty red brick road. “What is this?” Dorthory asked. “I thought the good fairy said we were supposed to follow a yellow brick road. Why are the bricks red?” The tin man looked ahead and pointed something out to Dorthory. “Look! There are yellow flags attached to the trees along the path. Maybe that’s what they mean by following the yellow brick road? Aren’t bricks supposed to be red instead of yellow?” “I guess so.” Dorthory sighed, ” But I was hoping for a yellow brick road as I really like the color yellow and besides it’s easier to see than a dirty dusty old red one. But we have no choice do we? This is our only path to OZ. Come on friends let’s follow the bright yellow flags to Oz.” she sang and they all linked arms and cheerfully sang about the yellow flags that guided them to OZ.


Dorothy and her friends are skipping along the Yellow Brick Road when suddenly they come to a section that’s orange. Confused, they stop to ponder the unusually colored bricks when the Tin Man spots a sign nearby, which Dorothy reads aloud. It’s a message alerting that the road ahead will continue to change color; evidently the Wizard had the Munchkins paint the road in different colors until he decided he liked yellow the best. They’re still waiting for funding to finish painting the road yellow the rest of the way to the Emerald City.


The rainbow coloured road spreads out before you like the shifting sand dunes of the desert. To walk it is tricky as the colours appear to move and dance before you. The only way to proceed is to keep your eyes glued to the immediate next colour along the way so remember the old name ROY G BIV ( Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet) and make your way to the Emerald city.

Anisa Claire


Purple, blue and orange shone from the sidelines. The creases, darker than the black corners of a rundown cottage, weaved meticulously across the multi-coloured brick road.


“Why do they call it the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy?”

“Because the road is yellow, silly…” Dorothy knocked gently on the Tinman’s helmeted head.

“Well, it looks gray to me,” said the Tinman, sadly.

“That’s awful, Tinman, you must be colorblind. I will tell you, it is beautiful and breathtaking. The yellow is so bold and bright! Don’t be sad, just imagine the heat of the sun on your face. That is what yellow looks like.”

“Thank you, Dorothy, I think I can imagine it now.” The Tinman smiled, and they continued on their way, following the Yellow Brick Road.


The pathway wavered and shimmered in the iridescent light, Dorothy clutched Todo to her chest and gasped as the path became lumpy and squished underfoot, the path resembled chopped carrots, slime of mustard and ochre. Where would the Vomit path take them?

Lisa Doesburg


The paved brick was full of surprises as Dorothy and the Scarecrow walked. Back by the forest, they noticed the brick change from the color of the golden wheat they passed, to the lush, bright green of the trees. Up ahead, they could see it change to a soothing blue as the pond just up the road. Nobody told them about this!

Tim Hillebrant


As Oz continued to age, the famed Yellow Brick Road did something entirely unexpected- It became the Moody Brick Road, it’s colors changing under the feet of those walking upon it. Blue for Sadness, Red for Angry, Yellow for happy, Grey for Depressed, and Green for, well, the amorous kind. What surprised everyone even more wasn’t that the road did this, it was the fact that for a mile around Munchkin land, that road was as green as spring green grass. Those munchkins have a LOT of stamina! Who knew?


“Follow the Topaz Brick Road,” said a Munchkin.
“Follow the Topaz Brick Road,” said another Munchkin.

“What color is topaz?” asked Dorothy, puzzled.

“Why, topaz colored, my dear,” said a third Munchkin.

The little girl sat on the steps of her crashed house and wept.

Carol Moore


The road to OZ suddenly turned to a Purple Brick road. They all bounced on their way to the Emerald City on a glowing Purple Brick Road. Protected by the Purple color.

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