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The Wicked Witch of the West stands atop Dorothy’s now demolished farmhouse. “Wanna play ball, Scarecrow?”   She laughs as she throws a flaming fireball at the gangly straw-filled creature. Describe what Dorothy and the Scarecrow do to combat the fireballs being thrown at them.


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Author Notes

113 Comments for “CHALLENGE #1”

Tracey Davis


Dorothy and Scarecrow look for something that can put out the flying fireballs. And then suddenly, Scarecrow turned around and found two golden water guns on the the ground. He knew that they were gifts from Glinda, The Good Witch of the North. He picked them up from the ground and run quickly back.
“Here, Dorothy! This will do!” Scarecrow handed Dorothy the water gun. Both of the them put the strap around their shoulders and got into position.
“Ready!” Dorothy said.
“And…fire!” Dorothy and Scarecrow pressed down on the trigger and water flew out of their guns, putting out of the fireballs one at the time.
“Oh Scarecrow! It’s working!” All of the fireballs were put out into smoke. The Wicked Witch was getting tired and stopped.
“I give up! You win this time, my pretties! But remember this! It is not over! I will still get you, your shoes, your Scarecrow and your little dog, too!” The Witch got on her broom and flew off into the air.



The scarecrow made an ungainly leap into the air, missing the flame by less than an inch. Dorothy squeaked in fear and jumped, the sparkling shoes making agitated clicks on the yellow brick road when she landed. When she saw the panic shining out inexplicably from the scarecrow’s roughly painted face, Dorothy reacted by scooping the pitiful straw man up and tossing him into a nearby puddle of mud.
Dirty and disheveled, Scarecrow was nevertheless relieved at the damp protection of the muck. His slight frame caused a minor splash, dousing Dorothy with specks of muddy water. The witch shrieked in a frustration and terror that Dorothy barely wondered at before she flew away, squealing curses both shocking and strange to the naïve girl.

Tracey Mills


Dorothy and the Scarecrow watched in amazement at the number of fireballs being hurled at them.
“She must be joking!” Dorothy mumbled dodging the bombardment. “If she’s not careful, the horrible witch will hurt someone.”
“I think that is the entire idea.” Scarecrow shouted. “Dorothy, if I’m hit I’ll go up in a ball of flames. What are we going to do?”
Dorothy ran towards the strawman tugging at his sleeve to follow.
“Dorothy, where are you going?”
“Don’t ask any questions, just follow me.” She ran around to the back of the demolished house. “There is only one way to put out fire and that’s with water.”
Scarecrow scratched his head. “And where will we find water? Dorothy?”
Ignoring his question, she raced to her basket she had hastily dropped, opened it and produced a bottle of water.
Again the strawman appeared puzzled. “That’s not enough to combat the flames the witch is hurling at us.”
“True, but it’s enough to stop her. You stay here; I’m going to put an end to her terror.”
Dorothy peeled away from her friend and with bottle in hand; she untwisted the top then hurled it with all her might at the wicked witch. Bingo, it struck the witch full in the chest!
“OH YOU HORRID GIRL,” the witch wailed disintegrating before their eyes. “I’M MELTING…”
Dorothy and the Scarecrow shouted with glee.

Joy Kettren


Quick-thinking scarecrow
spots the well
in the back of the house.
Climbs in using the fetching
rope. Once doused, he
says, “Do your best, witch.
I’m holding a bucket full
of water.
If I throw it on you,
dried-up old prune,
it will be the end of you.”

Travis Baribeau


Fast as lightening, Dorothy jumps into her superman cape, picks the Scarecrow up, and launches they launch into the sky. The Scarecrow pulls out his water guns and passes one to Dorothy. They’re ready for battle!

Lisa Doesburg


The scarecrow looked at Dorothy and smiled, winking at her. Whistling as he called the fire department, he stood back and watched as the witch through her last fireball. They would be here soon and she would never throw another fireball again…


Scarecrow combat rolls to dodge the incoming fireball. It narrowly misses his ear, exploding into the dirt behind where he was standing two seconds ago.
“What do we do, Dorothy?” he says, terrified. Dorothy ducks to dodge a second fireball coming at her.
“I don’t know!” she shouts. “We gotta use our heads!”
Scarecrow spots a bucket lying nearby. He grabs it and throws it on just as another fireball comes at his head. It ricochets off the bucket and flies back toward the Witch, hitting her square in the face! She falls back with a groan.
“I’ll get you later!” she yells, and runs off to extinguish the flames spreading in her hair.
“Good job, Scarecrow!” says Dorothy, slapping him on the shoulder as he smiles proudly. “That’s not quite what I meant, but you saved the day!”


Dorothy looked, aghast, as she saw balls of flame flying at herself and her new friend. Fire exploded to the left of her, and to the right. As she searched for cover, she was blinded by a larger explosion just feet away – the Scarecrow was hit, and had dropped to the ground and rolled in a frantic attempt to extinguish himself.

“Mein Gott! Help me, Dorothy! It hurts!” dark smoke rose from his midsection.

A loud cackle demanded her attention. One pest down, one to go,” the Witch laughed, another fireball poised in her upturned palm.

Dorothy clutched Toto tighter to her chest, and turned back to the Scarecrow. “Sorry pal, you’re on your own!” Planting her shiny red heels onto the yellow path, she hustled out of the Witch’s line of fire.

Tim Hillebrant


The fireball formed in the witch’s hand and she hurled it with great force. Dorothy dove one way while Scarecrow jumped the other. Just as the witch started conjuring the next, a geyser erupted underneath her, sending her smoking, melting form dozens of feet into the air.

“Wow,” said the Tin Man as he exited the portapotty- “Never flush a toilet with a cracked drain pipe. That shit gets everywhere!”


“Dorothy!” Get behind me. I’ll protect you!”

“It’s fire, Scarecrow! You can’t be anywhere near fire!” Dorothy grabs Scarecrow’s hand and they run around a corner of the house. They find an old dresser mirror that has been cracked from the house dropping from the sky.

“I wonder if this could help us?” said Dorothy.

As they are picking up the mirror, the Good Witch of the North appears in the trees. She waves her magic wand and the mirror vibrates and glows.

“Try that, my friends, aim it at the Wicked Witch of the West.” She smiles, and disappears.

Dorothy and Scarecrow carry the mirror back around the corner, and Scarecrow starts jumping around to get the Wicked Witch’s attention.

“Over here, Greeny! Over here!” He runs back to Dorothy and flaming fireballs are thrown at them. They hold up the mirror and the fireballs ricochet off and back to the Witch!

“I’ll get you my Pretty, and your Little Dog, too!” screams the evil witch. She pulls her cape around her and is gone.

Anisa Claire


Swinging from the tree above, Dorothy whooshes by, smacking the witch in the head with a shoe. The Scarecrow leaps from the sidelines, using the power of his mind to send the fireballs… to space.

Christina Ritchie


“No we don’t want to play you wicked old witch. Tin man go, grab a hose and douse the old biddy.”. The tin man who was right behind her grabs a hose and turns it on aiming it on top of the roof . He splashes the old witch right off the house where she falls onto the ground in front of Dorthory and the scare crow. “What is going on here? Why did you do that? I can’t get wet or else I will….'” the witch croaked out as she starts to melt and dissolves into a green goop. “We did it!” Dorthory cheered. “We killed the witch!” “Hooray for Dorthory! She saved us from the witch!” the tinman and scare crow cheered. The three of them dance around the green goop of the witch and from the forest the forest the cowardly lion comes out trailed by the munchkins and they join in the celebration.


Dorothy drops her knicks screws up her face and low and behold puts out the fire on scarecrow’s smouldering leg. Jumping up she called “Gilda” at the top of her voice. The sky darkens and a crack of lightening hits the W,W, of the west and all that’s left is a puff of smoke and a singed hat.


The Witch laughed the cackliest of cackles as she rained fire on Dorothy and the Scarecrow. The little girl hid behind the old plow as sparks exploded all around her. The leavings of her uncle’s lunch pail toppled into the dust.

“Quick, Scarecrow! Into the rain barrel!”

The straw man tapped the side of his head and winked at Dorothy. “I have a better idea,” he said.

Dorothy gulped heavily and her eyes went wide with recognition. ‘Yes’, she thought. SHe tossed the pail to her friend. The Scarecrow scooped the rain barrel and stood bravely in front of the Witch. With a heave and a toss, it was finished.

What a world…


You wait here Dorothy I have an idea with that said the scarecrow runs to a nearby tree and snaps off two branches. Returning he hands one to Dorothy and stands opposite her. With Dorothy a right hander and Scarecrow a lefty (bet you all didn’t know that) they were able to belt the fireballs back at the wicked witch and thereby avoid a firey end for the scarecrow.

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