Celebrating Family

We come together during the year
We come together for warmth and good cheer
Easter or Christmas no matter the reason
With family and friends we celebrate the season
There’s food and drink and tales to hear

We meet lost relations and spill a tear
We open our hearts and dispel our fears
Mother and daughter or father and son
We come together

We celebrate with those gathered here
We toast to those no longer here
With loved ones around we bask in the sun
Knowing all too soon this time will be done
We cherish those we have near
We come together

Author Notes

A Rondeau about family. The picture is part of the brood getting together last Christmas

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Tim Hillebrant


Family celebrations are a bittersweet thing- you love them as kids, and at some point realize they’re changing. Then as an adult with kids, you love them even more for what they are, what they represent, and with the knowledge that the time to enjoy them is limited. You’ve captured the family and enjoying time together very well, Craig!



Good work, Craig! I miss my younger years, when I was around for extended family gatherings. I moved away and missed out (I live close enough now, but too many people are gone for it to be the same). You hit the mark with this – enjoy it, because the time passes to quickly!

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