Carousel Kisses

Carousel 3

They strolled the boulevard

hand in hand,

stopping now and then

to play a game of chance.

He won her a kewpie doll

that hung on a stick,

bought her salt water taffy

and pink cotton candy.

They went on the Ferris wheel,

rode through the Tunnel of Love,

had their picture taken

in the penny arcade.

Riding white horses

on the merry-go-round

to the sound of calliope music,

they shared their first kiss.

She caught the brass ring

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I’m mostly a free-write kind of poetry writer so I can appreciate the rough ebb and flow of this poem, but it could use more points of connection to its flow, in my opinion. I appreciated and enjoyed the memories of the fairground carnival and remembered many of my own excursions as a youngster going there with a boyfriend. Brings back lots of memories!

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