Cage of Life Part Two







“You appear nervous David Wilkes,” Genea said softly.


How did she know my last name?  She didn’t do this with my wife or friends.  David looked into her hazel eyes.  “How did you know my last name?”  He looked at his wife then Genea.  “No one mentioned it.  Tell me, how did you know?”



Be careful with this one.  He must not escape.  We need him to return.  Do not fail us, old one.


I will not fail you, Master.  You will have him by tomorrow.  Genea looked deeply into David’s eyes.  “From touching your hand, Mr. Wilkes, nothing more.  You are a professor, no?  From a place called Princeton University, yes?”


David felt a twinge of anxiety.  He looked up at his wife then Genea.  “True, but how…?”


“It is a gift, Mr. Wilkes, one I have had since my youth.”  She looked at David’s wife before turning her attention back to David.  “As I, you deal with the mind.  Where you seek logic and understanding, I do not.  What is simply is, and nothing more.”


“So, I’m to believe your gift allows you to know things about people by simply reading their palms?”


“Yes, this and past events.”


David was annoyed.  “There’s no logic in this!  No way to verify the results.  Here’s my hand.  Tell me my past, fortune teller.”


His hand on the table, David felt Genea’s delicate touch.  A chill raced down his spine followed by a feeling of euphoria.  He looked into her eyes, but found no answers to his questions.  How in hell could she generate two opposite feelings within mere seconds?


“You are a scholar, Mr. Wilkes, a person of importance and influence, yet you do not believe in my abilities.”


“No I don’t.  I thought that was abundantly clear.”


“It matters not, Mr. Wilkes, for I am from a long line of fortune tellers.”


“That still doesn’t explain how you know what you do.  There has to be a simple explanation.  There always is.”


“The life lines in your palm will provide the answers.  They tell me much about you, Mr. Wilkes.  You work in a field that studies people like me, yes?  I know you disbelieve, yet how did I know what I know?”


David shook his head, but did not remove his hand from Genea’s gentle grip.  “No, you can’t know all this from simply reading my palm.  You are giving me specifics whereas you gave my wife and friends generalities.  I want to know how you did this.  A palm consists of muscle, blood, and bone, nothing more.”


You have stirred his curiosity. You will continue in this manner so he returns.


“If I can tell you about your children, how you met your wife, would you believe then, Mr. Wilkes?  Surely it would prove that my abilities are true, would it not?”


David hesitated, but did not pull his hand back.  He felt he was being forced into a position challenging everything he knew, everything he strongly believed in.  He looked deeply into Genea’s eyes.  “No, not necessarily, but proceed.”


Genea looked up at David’s wife and smiled.  “A part of what I am about to reveal may be upsetting, Mrs. Wilkes.  Do you wish me to continue?”


David’s wife looked at him then Genea.  “Please, do so.  It won’t upset me.”


With a soft, firm touch Genea ran her forefinger down David’s life line.  She could feel him resist.  “Please, Mr. Wilkes, you must relax or it will block my ability to see what I must.”


David looked up at his wife and let out a deep sigh. “All right, I’m relaxed.”


“I will start with an easy task.  Are you ready, Mr. Wilkes?”


“Yes, by all means proceed.  Impress me, fortune teller.”


“As you wish.  You met your wife at a party when you were in school called Georgetown.   The exact date escapes me, but it was in the middle part of the nineteen fifties.  Two years later you were married.  You had four children; two boys and two girls.  You lost your first born son in a car accident which almost ended your marriage.  Your remaining children have been educated, with your two daughters being married, the older of the two pregnant with your first grandchild.  As for you, Mr. Wilkes, you have lived a full life.  You are intelligent, logical, somewhat outspoken and live life to the fullest.”


David shook his head.  “How do you know so much about me?  How, damn it?”


Genea smiled at David’s wife then him.  “Your life force is exceptionally strong, Mr. Wilkes.  You are a remarkable individual.  With the exception of losing your son, most people would envy your life experiences.”  She squeezed his hand hard, looked up at his wife a second time, then deeply into his eyes.  He is what you seek.  Can you feel his strength, his life force?  I should have no problem bringing him back a second time.   


A hard voice filled Genea’s mind.  We can.  Will you be able to extricate?  Still staring into David’ eyes, Genea nodded slowly.  If he seeks me, which I believe he will.  I have his neural imprint.  He will be here another week.  He will not be hard to find.


Genea felt David’s’ hand stiffen and pull free.  “My apologies, Mr. Wilkes.  Sometimes, when emanations are as strong as yours, it is difficult to break the connection.”


Doubt pounded David’s mind.  Feeling uncomfortable, he stood.  “I don’t know how you did it, but I will find out.”  He took fifty dollar bill from his wallet and laid it on the table.  “This should cover it.”


“No, Mr. Wilkes, this is too much,” Genea protested.


David gave her a cold, hard look.  “Please keep the change, fortune teller.”  He looked at his wife.  “Let’s get the hell out of here.”




Four days later, alone, David stood in front of Genea’s stall.  “You knew I’d be back, didn’t you?”

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Author Notes

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Melissa Pierce


I am really looking forward to finding out what is in store for David and how Genea convinces him to accept his part in what is to come. Well done!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Melissa

Again, my thanks for the read and for your comments . . . they are appreciated.

Take care and stay safe,


Craig Lincoln


She is not just a fortune teller and it appears neither is David just plain old Dr Wilkes

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Craig

My thanks for the read and comments — both are appreciated. Yes, Genea is more than meets the eye.

Take care and stay safe,


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