Buck the bully

Buck was a strong menacing bully. None of the other student  at Pleasantvil Primary school escaped his torment. There was no match for him except God and the charred skin of a roasted breadfruit

No one not even a hog eats the skin of the roasted breadfruit. The skin is discarded and the white bread like portion is enjoyed.

This day Buck decided to eat the skin. To this day, nobody understands why he would do a thing like that.

Class had just started when Buck muttered, ” I feel bad, I feel bad”.

His dark skin had turned pale and he sweated perfously .A violent stream of vomit flew out of his puffed cheeks. Soot and chunks of black breadfruit skin landed on the desk and floor aroubd him.

He got up to leave and slid in the slime flat on his backside. The class viewed in shock the contents of the bully’s stomach.

Spontaneous laughter erupted.

Buck slid again as he tried to leave. Falling again hitting his head on the edge of a book cupboard. Blood gushed from the corner of his eyes;  mixing in with all the slime.

He managed to stand up. Gathered his strength and darted out of school forever.


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Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Claudine

I would never expect a bully to be cut down to size by eating the skin of the breadfruit. Exlax in a chocolate cake, maybe…. Well done.

Take care and stay safe,



Omg! I absolutely love this, Claudine! It is so creative and spontaneous in its humor and flavor(love “the skin of the charred breadfruit”). The message begins subtle, yet very clear, and the vomiting and the slippage and the running away from school forever! Seriously, this is awesome, girl! There are some grammar nits to be found, punctuation, stuff like that, so go over it again with your editing eyes. The content…. Priceless!

Write On!

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