Blood Lust

vampire 2



When one hungers the need must be met
A vein will be opened
One will drink their fill
This is the way of the world
Sugar and spice fairy tales for children
Ones world is a place bare and stark
The weak are fodder
For one who is strong
Lifeblood wasted on lesser beings
Lifeblood taken as is ones right
The hunger grows as one prepares
To feast upon and sate ones desire
Packaged and waiting for one with a need
Blood dark red and beautiful
Released from captivity and set free
One spill ‘s yours and takes their fill
From one I take it with thanks
Life’s primal force ones to control
The power one yields divine by right
Ones thirst must be met insatiable though
When the hunger is met
The need is void
The host will recover at least for now
Ready for next when one must feed

Author Notes

10 Comments for “Blood Lust”


Craig, Dark and Brutal. Bravo. Darwinism, with vampires at the top of the food chain. Nice work!

On to the nits: the word ‘one’s’ is possessive, needs an apostrophe. Also, “One spill ‘s yours…” – not sure if an apostrophe is needed in ‘spill’s.’

Small nits. Great work. Write on!

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